Australian death metal band In Death are set to release their new album, The Devil Speaks, on April 21st.
Upon hitting play, it is apparent that the title fits. The opener, “Malignancy Eradicated”, is tight but once the second track “The Pitfalls of Immortality” starts, you can clearly see In Death is interested only in tearing heads clean off with a musical battle ax. Each track is progressively harder than the last, without giving the listener a second to breathe. But who needs to oxygen when The Devil Speaks is compelling you?!
The Devil Speaks is adrenaline pumping, whiplash inducing, mosh demanding music at its finest. Tracks like “Godzilla” or the titular “The Devil Speaks” are every bit as monstrous and brutal as their names imply. And once it is all over, you are left with your blood boiling for another go.
Cop this sledgehammer heavy work of metal art once it drops on April 21st or you are able to pre-order here:
Track Listing:
1. Malignancy Eradicated
2. The Pitfalls Of Immortality
3. Bow To Your Master
4. Every Burial
5. Godzilla
6. Fuck Your Kind
7. The Devil Speaks
8. King Of The Deadpool

K.G – Drums
Krugga – Vocals
Brian Page – Guitars
Danika Ruohonen – Bass
Rah Rah – Guitars

Check out In Death here:
Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on March 29, 2017
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