IIVII, the ambient solo project of Josh Graham, will release the album Invasion on June 23, 2017 courtesy of Consouling Sounds. This album is a follow up to the previously released album, Colony, and is based on an invasion of an alien species.

From the opening track of this album, you’ll be lead through a journey of sounds. Each song is going to entice a different emotion as Josh Graham paints a picture of an invasion in your mind. First, you’ll feel the anticipation of something alarming about to happen. You’ll surrender to feelings of dread as the music tells you that you’re no longer alone. “No More Enemies” sounds like a war song, providing the feeling of standing up and fighting through audio alone. You’ll be presented with the eerie feeling that the worst is yet to come – and that you have no idea as to what the future holds.

Invasion is an album that tells a story without any lyrics, leaving your imagination to run wild – the best kind of story. Josh Graham has tactfully mastered the art of emotional manipulation through music – and this is meant in the best way possible. For an album that is going to make you feel without telling you how to feel or what to envision, you have to check out Invasion. For someone who doesn’t always enjoy instrumentals, I would listen to this album over and over just to hear something that I potentially missed the first time around, and how it bends my imagination to its will.

We Came Here From A Dying World
Unclouded By Conscience
Hidden Inside
No More Enemies
Tomorrow You’ll Be One Of Us
We Live
You Die

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Bloodrock Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Har-Lena Quinn for Bloodrock Media on June 7, 2017