So Jo Capitalicide’s new solo project Ice War just slipped the internet a sneak peak at the upcoming self-titled album with “Battle Zone”, the full self titled album though takes it to the next level. If you’re looking for some 70’s meets 80’s style punk/rock/metal fusion or just something out of the ordinary altogether, this might be the album for you. I liken it to if say Billie Idol did a side project with a band like Blue Oyster Cult or Iron Butterfly.

This album is def hitting all the check marks on the “unique band” list, the overall vibe is pretty retro but it blends elements you wouldn’t expect which is pretty tight. While I don’t expect it to set any pits on fire or anything of that sort, there’s a chill charisma prevalent throughout the whole album that is kinda odd yet it makes it worth a listen or three. Songs like “Battle Zone”, “Slaver’s Whip” and “We Will Stand” have this bizarre punk magnetism to them like a more chill mode System of A Down or more modern Morrisey that while definitely awkward are solidly entertaining. “Falling Out” is the album’s closer but also has that smooth pimping vibe to it the majority of the album captures pretty effortlessly.

The other major factor to remind yourself of is, this is a solo project meaning Jo played all the instruments and shit by himself. While it does lack the high technicality of say djent style metal, all the instrumentation here is pretty dope. The bass lines are definitely groovy, the guitars put to shame most punk artists who think all ya need to know is 3 chord progressions and the drums are pretty much air tight. While this album won’t reinvent the genre by any means, it will definitely scratch that itch for something different but good different. This album does have it adrenaline sparking moments even though it’s not thrash jams and that’s honestly part of its charm. It is what it is and doesn’t mock or imitate anyone else. Couple that with the solid recording/production quality of it throughout and you’ve got yourself a cool album to easily slip into jam mode with.

Jo Capitalicide unleashes this lesson in suave punk/metal fusion September 29th and in the meantime that gives you dear reader ample time to check out the single “Battle Zone” and Jo‘s other projects, solo or otherwise and see for yourself what the hype is for this album. It’s a hefty reminder that the punk scene is nowhere near dead, you just might be looking in the wrong places up til now.

3.0 outta 5.0 axes

1.Battle Zone
2.Dream Spirit
3.Standing Rock
4.I Am the Prisoner
5.Slaver’s Whip
6.Reverence of Gold
7.We Will Stand
8.Falling Out

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Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on August 15, 2017