On November 22, Italian metallers Hyperion  released Dangerous Days via Fighter Records in an attempt to recreate the pure, classic, typical heavy metal sound of the ’80s in the vein of bands like Judas Priest, Annihilator, Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Megadeth. I must say, these eight tracks over forty-five minutes do a pretty damn fine job of just that.

Opener “Ultimatum” begins and Marco “Jason” Beghelli simply slays on drums. The man is a beast. The vocal range of Michelangelo Carano is pretty impressive as well. The track overall accomplishes its mission in sounding like something out of the 80’s. Self-titled track “Dangerous Days” succeeds in this as well. It really does sound like Judas Priest if Rob Halford had a very thick Italian accent that came through in his singing.

“Incognitus” annoyed me at first, but then redeemed itself with how badass it sounds. It annoyed me because the very beginning of the track was a sample of the old-school dial-up modem noise. And I had studio headphones on while listening to it. Yeah. I’m not gonna get that shit out of my head for a week now, so thanks for that, Hyperion. Thankfully, the rest of the track is pretty sweet. The stellar drumming remains awesome, and guitarists Davide Cotti and Luke Fortini show off some serious skills. “Ground and Pound” has a bit more groove to it and sounds a bit more like Iron Maiden. I heard a bit more of an improvement in the already impressive vocal range of Carano, making this a pretty epic track overall.

“Forbidden Pages” begins with some sweet, sweet drumming and a low, almost guttural vocal element over sick thrash riffs. Carano then resumes his normal singing in an almost haunting melody, but the whole thing picks up into a fast-paced track that sounds a bit theatric. “The Killing Hope” starts off just like any other track on the record with its crunching riffs and thundering drums, but occasionally goes into a slower, incredibly catchy bit. The track ends with a fantastic instrumental.

“The Grave of Time” has a soft guitar piece as its opener, but quickly goes back to that classic sound you’ve come to expect from Hyperion so far on the record, adding a bit more power metal to it here. The final track is the longest, and it’s named after the band themselves. “Hyperion” is over eight minutes long, and it’s as epic a track as any. It start off as fast paced as you’d expect, but then slows down in the middle and after a brief almost power ballad style chunk speeds back up to hit you in the face again. If you can put up with a song that’s that long, it’s pretty epic.

Hyperion have accomplished their mission – Dangerous Days sounds like it came straight from the 80’s. It has elements of all kinds of 80’s metal which you can hear from track to track. Each one differentiates itself from the others by having a slightly different style to it. Any fan of 80’s metal in any capacity definitely needs to pick this album up very soon. You will not be disappointed, my friends. Final Score: 4 out of 5 axes.

1. Ultimatum
2. Dangerous Days
3. Incognitus
4. Ground and Pound
5. Forbidden Pages
6. The Killing Hope
7. The Grave of Time
8. Hyperion

Michelangelo Carano – vocals
Davide Cotti – guitars
Luke Fortini – guitars
Antonio Scalia – bass
Marco “Jason” Beghelli – drums

Check out Hyperion here:


Written by Mitch Ellerbrock for Bloodrock Media on December 6, 2017