Old school Heavy Metal? Punk? Thrash? Maybe a little Death Metal? If you answered yes to any of the above, then the answer is here, and you have it all in the re-release of YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE. Coming back with Slasher Dave’s only full-length release once again, it’s time to get loud, and time to get that dirty 80’s horror metal rewind, with the one-man band HORIFFIC. A twisted horror metal album with bright visuals and deep stories spun from horror movies, and creepy stories all courtesy of one dedicated individual.

How do you even begin to describe a band like HORRIFIC? Deep crushing vocals from the start, bringing you horror themed metal, with some off the wall almost punk backing vocals lent to most of the tracks is just the start. Fast paced and hard hitting riff after riff, Slasher Dave shreds from song to song, with crazy catchy lines like “Demonic riffs, satanic solos, A night of terror and shock!” Singing songs about the ‘Axe Master,’ playing his guitar in the oddly catchy story that is “Death Rock”. It might take a moment while you adjust to the abstract metal and punk mix, but you will be hard pressed to find yourself not headbanging to this album by the time you make it 5 minutes in.

With creepy yet catchy tracks like “Abnormal Imagery”, and “Tales Too Terrible To Tell,” there is absolutely something for nearly every kind of metal fan. This album is a must listen to based solely on Slasher Dave’s efforts and dedication to this solo project if not for the love of unique metal.

All instruments and vocals Slasher Dave

1. Death Rock
2. Brain Drain
3. Abnormal Imagery
4. Dead At Midnight
5. The Ultimate Sacrifyx
6. Metal Cemetary
7. Ride On The Lunatic Side
8. Orgy Of The Bloody Parasites
9. Temptress Of The Undead
10. Tales Too Terrible To Tell


Bloodrock Rating:   3.0 of 5.0 axes

Written by Evan Hulbert for Bloodrock Media on August 7, 2017