Italian rockers Hornwood Fell have recently released their third full-length album My Body, My Time via Avantgarde Music, and this third effort marks a bit of a change in the bands sound, most notably in the vocals. Read on and see for yourselves how this newest effort stacks up to their previous works.

My Body, My Time kicks off with a seven minute opener called “The Returned”, and right off the bat the drums and guitars punch hard. The vocals are rough yet clean, but the production buries them beneath the much more impressive instrumentals. That isn’t to say they’re necessarily hard to hear, but they can be pretty damn difficult to understand. “Her Name” is another heavy hitter, with some slower, more atmospheric dips towards the middle and end.

Bang your head to “Dark Cloak” which starts with some blast beats and fast guitar. The piss poor production actually works in the band’s favor on this track, making it sound like a raw, retro garage punk recording. The bass sounds amazing here. The same goes with “Passage”. It’s fast, it’s raw, it’s heavy, and it’s definitely one of the better tracks on the album.

“Run Through” probably has the smoothest beats on the album once you get past the intro, but the vocal element doesn’t seem to have any real direction. There’s a dip in tempo towards the end of the track which goes on for a while before picking back up right before it’s over. “The Livid Body” has a solid and catchy intro, but it seems like they didn’t know what they wanted to do with the rest of the track. The pacing changes quite a bit, which can be exhausting for a track that’s almost seven minutes long. The album closes with “Hidden Land”, and has the best guitar playing on the album. Vocals don’t come in for almost two minutes, making this one seem like an instrumental at first. It’s pretty mid-tempo overall, with some great riffs and killer drums, and a psychedelic instrumental piece to close out the track and the album as a whole.

All in all, My Body, My Time just failed to hook me. The band is talented for sure, most notably drummer Andrea Basili, but the production issues and erratic song structures lost me. There are a few good songs in here, sure, but to be completely honest, it’s nothing to write home about. Final score: 2 out of 5 axes.

1. The Returned
2. Her Name
3. Dark Cloak
4. Passage
5. Run Through
6. The Livid Body
7. Hidden Land

Marco Basili – Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Andrea Basili – Drums

Check out Hornwood Fell here:

Written by Mitch Ellerbrock for Bloodrock Media on November 27, 2017