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Reminiscent of metalcore giants Bullet For My Valentine and Bring Me the Horizon, Hollow’s Home Is Not Where The Heart Is is a melodic fist pumping, skull crackin’ collection of infectious tune-age. With songs like “Delta F508” and “Coward King” perfectly blending harmonious clean vocals with raging lyricism and explosive roars; each track builds off the energy of the previous one, leaving you wired on adrenaline and ready for more. Even the more FX oriented build up into “Tonguespeak” knows when to bring the pain right on time as not to let things cool down.

Hollow kicks off Home Is Not Where The Heart Is as explosive as nitroglycerin and filled it to the brim with bloody knuckled bangers that leave your mind rocked harder than an Alaskan avalanche. Seriously, Home Is Not Where The Heart Is is an an album you are not going to want to miss out on. So drop whatever you’re doing and go listen to the new single “Anomaly” (video) just so you can get a small taste of the molten lava heat Hollow is about to scorch your face off with when their album, Home Is Not Where The Heart Is, drops June 9th.

1. Coward King
2. The American Dream
3. Dis/connect
4. Anomaly
5. Too Far Gone
6. Delta F508
7. No Offense
8. Tonguespeak
9. The Wicked
10. Alpha/Omega
11. (Null)

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Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on May 2, 2017

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