HeadCrusher an Austin,Texas/Colombian band with killer riffs and moxie to spare are set to release a gathering of ballsy tracks that shine with promise. Their release, Death Comes With Silence, scheduled for release on July 28th, is a blend of metal and post hardcore that is sure to gather quite a few fans and  make a splash in the metal community.

Death Comes With Silence on the surface is standard post hardcore with plenty of “oh shit!” moments that separate them from the herd.  Like the groove snuck in during “Trails of Devastation” or the raw fury of the breakdowns in “Eternal Butchery”.  As mentioned earlier,  there are plenty of those “damn” moments that break HeadCrusher away from the post hardcore mold such as the volcanic fire in jams like “Black Hearted Demons” or “Gritos Del Sur”.  These tracks make you a step back and just say….damn homie. 

HeadCrusher is pretty much all about making headbanging tunes that leave an impression and by sticking to the basics but excelling at them.  Death Comes With Silence is a bit formulaic in structure, it is obvious when groove is coming or when a harsh breakdown is about to hit but despite their predictability, it is still damn enjoyable.  Their style reminds one of a young Sepultura or Ill Nino’s debut album blended with some death/black metal elements and the end result is solid.

HeadCrusher when it boils down to it, isn’t trying to reinvent the genre, they’re giving fans of straight up metal a heavy dose of what they need, an album you can just fire up and headbang to. If you want to get all deep and artistic then go jam some Pink Floyd (no shade, I promise, I heavily fuck with PF) but if you want some straight forward jams to crank the hell out of and get lost in a metal maelstrom? Then HeadCrusher’s Death Comes With Silence has your back and you should return the favor by picking up this album when it releases on July 28th.

Ignis Fatuus (Intro)
A Plague Upon Us
Black Hearted Demons
Trails of Devastation
Fatal Error
Eternal Butchery
Death Comes With Silence
I am Death (Outro)
Gritos Del Sur (Bonus Track)

Alejandro Ospina: Drums
Carlos Ramirez: Guitar
David Coloma: Guitar
Gustavo Calderon: Bass
Kike Valderrama: Vocals

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Bloodrock Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on June 19, 2017