He Whose Ox is Gored is a post hardcore band from Seattle, soon to release their newest EP, Paralyzer Seven Inch, on June 16th. This (somewhat) experimental hardcore group can only be described as heavily ambient. Contradicting in ways, but once you listen to He Whose Ox is Gored, you will fully understand.

A track sure to reach out is “Paralyzer. This track is difficult to describe; it can only be experienced. He Whose Ox is Gored does a flawless job captivating listeners with questionable song structure, but will without a doubt ensnare. Paralyzer Seven Inch will hook you with progressive melodies, tastefully repetitive riffs, and sometimes, orchestrated ambient noise that keeps the song flowing smoothly.

Deceivingly simple instruments will entrap you with creative tendencies. As for the vocals, (Brian McClelland) couldn’t be more raw and dedicated. Hearing the sheer passion through the instruments and vocals is guaranteed to leave you with goosebumps. 

I highly recommend He Whose Ox is Gored to fans of post hardcore and experimental music.

Listen to “Paralyzerhere

Brian McClelland / Guitars, Vocals
Lisa Mungo / Synths, Vocals
Mike Sparks / Bass, Vocals
John O’Connell / Drums

Paralyzer (Endino Mix)
Buried Twice (NWXYS Slime Mix)
Void Assault (Voided Mix)

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Written by JB McCleskey for Bloodrock Media on June 10, 2017