HARM’S WAY – POSTHUMAN (Metal Blade Records)

Chicago hardcore metallers Harm’s Way is set to release their fourth full-length album, Posthuman, on February 9th courtesy of Metal Blade Records. “Harms Way’s metallic hardcore has won them fans on four continents; their reputation for delivering blistering sets cannot be overstated, and their timely lyrics about struggle, personal growth, and self-awareness leave a lasting impression upon any listener”Metal Blade Records.  For fans of the band, Posthuman will remind them of a blend of their 2011’s Isolation and 2015’s RustPosthuman reflects a sense of feeling not part of the world anymore but with an unforgiving aggression and brutality that will surely make this album one of our top five releases for 2018!

“Human Carrying Capacity” starts off the album with Gojira-esque heaviness and guitar riffs, oh let us not forget those beautiful guitar slides.  But then vocalist James Pligge hits the mic and the only response is ‘FUCK YEAH’…..verbally and physically.  This track is how an album should be opened up, lay that shit out there…don’t ease in, just get straight to business!  Heavy, fast, and aggressive; everything a hardcore track should be.  It is also in this first track we get a sense of what an animal drummer Chris Mills is.  The beats he is laying down are tres manifique.

“Temptation” begins a little slower, groovy even.  The vocals on this one are like that little voice in the back of your head, slightly distant but very, very present.  Fitting given the name of the song.  The mood is sort of like that itch, the one you want to scratch but you know you shouldn’t….but you are going to do it anyway because YOLO.  Again, Mills is an absolute star on this track.  The chugging guitar riffs laid down by Bo Lueders and Nick Gauthier are combined flawlessly with Casey Soyk’s bass groove and Mills’ drum beats; so much so that it almost sounds like a single instrument versus four.  I also want to give props to Mills for his refrain on the cymbals on this track, there is nothing more annoying than a drummer that over uses them….*ting* *ting* *ting* *crash* *crash* *ting*…. we don’t want more fucking cowbell, we want to feel your beats in the pit of our guts!

“Become a Machine” brings us back to the velocious hardcore that comes to mind when we think of Harm’s Way; once again assailing us with unyielding, unwieldy mind blowing vocals, guitar riffs, and beats.  This particular track does have a lot of cymbal but it works, as it is mixed very well so that it isn’t so tingy.  Thank you for that!  The eighth track, “Dissect Me” is HOLY SHIT heavy.  It still has the feel of hardcore but once again the guitars are very Gojira-like, while the vocals are a little more melodic (very slightly melodic) than most hardcore but still super beefy.  This is one of my favorite tracks on the album, I listened to it several times (literally like 25) before I even typed out anything on the review, not because I was having a difficulty reviewing it, but I loved it so much.  Closing out Posthuman is “Dead Space”, the screaming and growls on this track are fucking killer.  The riffs and beats are once again flawless….I wish I could give a standing ovation because these guys seriously know how to begin and end an album.  *insert slow clap here*

Posthuman is devastating, brutal, bold, unconventional, and undeniably impressive.  This isn’t just a hardcore album, it so much more than that!  Posthuman has elements of a variety of subgenres, from progressive to industrial metal, so it will appeal to basically every headbanger.  I would absolutely love to see Harm’s Way on a tour with Hatebreed and Gojira…PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN!  Posthuman has been on my playlist since January 3rd, so make sure to snag your copy when it is released on February 9th so you can add it to yours!  Bloodrock Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0 axes!

FFOHatebreed, Gojira, Lamb of God, Decapitated

Human Carrying Capacity
Last Man
Become a Machine
Call My Name
Dissect Me
The Gift
Dead Space

Chris Mills – drums
Bo Lueders – guitar
James Pligge – vocals
Casey Soyk – bass
Nick Gauthier – guitar

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Written by April Baggins for Bloodrock Media on January 22, 2018


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