HAMKA – MULTIVERSAL (Fighter Records)

This one surprised me right away. I hate to say it, but I let my first impressions get the better of me. I try not to read the press release or look at the photos/videos beforehand as not to let any of it cloud my objectivity.

I did this time, and I paid the price, because Hamka looks like something out of a Buckle advertisement, but they certainly don’t sound like it!

The very first track, “One Way Journey to the Unknown,” which is an instrumental intro, starts off like an epic battle about to begin, and my smile came immediately, and my eyes widened.

I felt like I was about to enter a realm as telling as the album’s cover; strapping on armor and guns, cinching up my helmet with the laser sight, and jumping out of a hovering APC.

That’s what the VERY FIRST TRACK sounded like to me. And then it kicked in with “World War III,” where the double bass and chugging guitars unleashed their fury; I heard Elisa C.’s voice, which has all the melodic beauty of Bruce Dickenson, but all the of the gruffness of Wendy O’Williams!

No Maria Brink wannabe here.

Turns out Hamka have been around since the early 2000’s and I hadn’t known about it!

What followed was, for lack of a better term, a symphony of epic destruction in the best way. It’s a long one too, almost an entire hour (long by today’s standards)!

Even better news is that it truly doesn’t feel like it. While there is a really good dymamic, there are no songs which drag the album. There are slower moments, but it never feels like a lull. By the time track nine, “Burning Sands” rolled around, I was having a good time! If I have one gripe, it’s that some of the songs actually run a little long.

Truly, though, Multiversal is a wonderful edition to Hamka’s catalog. It has a full range of sound and a good rolling dynamic. While some of the songs are a little long, it doesn’t do a whole lot to lose my attention, so for all this, I give Multiversal a very solid 4 out 5. Nice work, guys. Nice work indeed.

Multiversal dropped December 14, 2017. Pick it up, friends.

FFO: Angra, Sonata Arctica, Myrath

01 – One Way Journey to the Unknown
02 – World War III
03 – Earth’s Call
04 – Hope
05 – Inner Conviction
06 – Dark Night Falls
07 – Seaquest
08 – Modern Cowboys
09 – Burning Sands
10 – The Path of the Pharoahs
11 – Orkanian’s Lands
12 – Seed of the New World
13 – Multiversal Universe
14 – An End on Earth

Elisa C. Martin – vocals
Willdric Lievin – guitars
Julien Negro – guitars
Alexandre Ardisson – bass
JB Pol – drums

Check out Hamka here:


Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media on December 4, 2017