They say that it never rains in Southern California but Grief & Bliss’ release Endeavor makes you wonder if this is actually true.

Endeavor is made up of four phenomenally emotional and addictive tracks….SERIOUSLY addictive tracks, I’ve basically been hooked since Transcending Records posted the video for the track A Passing Moment.  I demanded, politely of course, to review the album and the rest, as they say, is history. I’m now a full fledged Grief & Bliss junkie and I don’t want to go to rehab any time soon.

It is so damn good that Mark (co-owner of Bloodrock Media), walked into the room when I was listening to it for the tenth time (the day I received it) and immediately asked WHO IS THAT?!?! When I told him, he said ‘wow, that is really good!’ and he is not someone who is easily impressed, nor has ever even commented on an album that I’m listening to for review… that alone should validate my opinion of this magnificent release.

The first track, A Passing Moment, is the one that initially caught my attention, in a passing moment oddly enough.  It begins with very light strumming of a guitars, then the killer drums kick in, coming together in a very Deftones-esque way.  And the vocals, holy shit the beautiful and serene, vocals.  The vocals are so peaceful, I half expected a dove to fly from somewhere in my house, but alas one did not appear (I was slightly disappointed, not going to lie).  Not only are they peaceful but they comforting, like macaroni & cheese and footie pajamas (okay, maybe the last one is just me).  When the vocals and the music come together, it is the most beautiful and wonderful thing I’ve ever heard….no felt.

The only way I can describe the experience is the way I felt when I first heard Deafheaven…if you don’t know who they are…..dude, you are losing at life until you have experienced Deafheaven.  It is like standing in front of an angel; so pure, beautiful, and delicate but the angel has schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder, so the mental chaos shines through but you don’t care, it is a fucking angel, so breathtaking and bright. The angel’s crazy is okay because it feels like home and it wraps around you like the Snuggie of all Snuggies.  If that doesn’t make sense, then you just have to trust me and experience Deafheaven and Grief & Bliss so you can wrap your little mind around it.

Grief & Bliss, however, is almost composition-aly the complete opposite of Deafheaven. Whereas Deafheaven is chaotic vocals and beautiful guitar melodies that confuse yet delight, Grief & Bliss is beautiful vocal harmonies and melodies with chaotic drum beats and guitars and the occasional beautiful guitar melodies peppered within.  The overall feeling is the same, structured chaos and fucking-a is it brilliant.  It is basically in the name, right?  Grief & Bliss.

The third track When It Rain It Pours starts off a bit heavier, layering in the gorgeously soft vocals, which almost take a backseat to the instruments.  It is as though they are intentionally mixed to not be the focus of the song and that is something that you don’t hear very often.  Honestly, it works.  I can’t describe why really, but it works.  The track ends with a super cool synthesizer/keyboard, almost 80’s new wave, riff (I’m not sure of the proper term for it on a non-guitar).

Endeavor is beautiful, emotional, and as comforting as a hot cup of cocoa on a winter day, with just the right amount of depression mixed in to remind us that we are alive. This album will appeal to any music lover, even those that like the heavier stuff, it may take them a minute to understand it but they will fall in love.

Trust me, buy it, you will want…no, need it, when your significant other dumps you or you need to chillax after a long day at work, it is so emotionally evocative that it can be appreciated in a plethora of moods.   You need a good cry?  Endeavor.  You need to relax?  Endeavor. You want to experience controlled chaos?  Endeavor.  It is available now, so mosey on over to all of the places music is available and grab a copy.


A Passing Moment
Still Waiting
When It Rains It Pours
The Stars Also Die


Don’t forget to check out Grief & Bliss here:


Bloodrock Rating:  6.0 out of 5.0 axes (I own the joint, I can do that!)


Written by April Baggins of Bloodrock Media on September 27, 2017