New York’s own GRIDFAILURE has once again defied genre labels and industry norms with their new album Scathed. Scathed is less of a traditional music album and more like the creeptastic soundtrack to the zombie apocalypse. Dropping 10 utterly eerie tracks that are basically what you expect to hear when you’re out in the dark alone and half expecting Jason or Michael Myers to jump out of nowhere and knife you all to hell. If Satan made electronic music about how awful Mondays are, Scathed is basically what you would get.

While this isn’t going to land on anyone’s cruising tunes playlist, Scathed more than makes up for it by being wholly unique. Track after track, this album builds itself into something subtle yet fierce, hushed but terrifying like a psychotic assassin stabbing poisoned daggers into your chest repeatedly.

Tracks like “Gaze of Aversion” and “The King’s Highway Ripper” will yank you out of the mundane, put your nerves on edge and have you questioning what the hell you got yourself into.  Albums like this are a reminder as to why ice cream shops sell more than just chocolate and vanilla. GRIDFAILURE’s unique approach to crafting eerie electronic noise tracks won’t be everyone’s two scoops – but it will be for those who like things unique and are all about albums that are a one of a kind experience. If you fit that bill and are feeling adventurous then you just scored one big creepy waffle cone of musical butter pecan.

Scathed  isn’t simply a music album, it the audio version of a terrifying and trippy horror flick. So if you’re feeling up for something completely different but in the very best way, you’d be hard pressed to find an album that does the job quite like this one.

1. Collecting The Blood We Spilled On Your Lands To Feed The Crops On Ours
2. Gaze Of Aversion
3. Infection In The Treatment Area
4. Just Relax
5. Cut The Hard Line
6. Scathed
7. Disappointing Warrior
8. Condescender
9. The Kings Highway Ripper
10. Raze

David Brenner

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Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on July 10, 2017


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