It’s as if in 2014 Slayer, Napalm Death, and Cannibal Corpse had a giant black metal ritualistic orgy and the result was the death / thrash metal Frankenstein we know as Gravesite. A collection of musicians pulled from the depths of hell, Gravesite will give the world their album Neverending Trail of Skulls as their offering to a dark god this August 1st.

Neverending Trail of Skulls is Gravesite’s second release and is far more refined and well stitched together than their last, meaning the best is clearly yet to come from the Italian thrash machine.  It is an amazing addition to any real thrash metal playlist, from their title track “Neverending Trail of Skulls” with its melodic lightly strummed intro, to the nearly 7 minute long pure metal ecstasy serenade to the world “Global Disease Madness”. Oh and there is my personal favorite “Forced to Cannibalism” and it’s eerie walk through the park feel, outlined by double kicks and speed picking.

From the opening to final track Neverending Trail of Skulls will have you holding your breath as these four savages dismember and obliterate the death / thrash metal scene once again.  With their constant Slayer infused guitar riffs, to their Morbid Angel style vocals, nothing is held back as they take you on a dark adventure through 8 dark twisted stories. Every track will have you leaning further and further forward in your chair waiting to see what monster will explode from your speakers next.  EVERY track is a wonderful place to be on Neverending Trail of Skulls so do not forget to pick this one up on August 1st.

Neverending Trail of Skulls
Postmortem Fetal Extrusion
Sewer Freaks
Global Disease Madness
Forced to Cannibalism
Atrophied Organs
Town of the Re-animated
Swallowed in Darkness

Gabri – Vocals
Gioele – Guitars
Claudio – Bass
David – Drums

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Bloodrock Rating:  4.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Evan Hulbert for Bloodrock Media on June 9, 2017