grindcore masterminds Goresoerd released their fourth full length album, Antikeha,
earlier this month courtesy of Inverse Records.
An amalgam of guttural vocals, guitars that range from shrieking highs
to djent lows, and a rhythm section that is equally as insane, Antikeha,
is an amazing display of chaotic prowess.
Packed full of a plethora of intense styles, blended together to create
something viciously heavy and uniquely beautiful.
Antikeha contains put out so much
energy that it is impossible to sit still while listening.  Infectious tracks such as “66″ and “Neetud” crawl their way inside your brain and once they sink their
teeth in, they do not let go.  Not that
you will want them to.
Antikeha is an excellent find for fans
looking to expand from the expected.  While
in a class of its own, Antikeha’s brutality is similar to
that of Cradle of Filth, Butcher Babies, and Soul Fly, while also encompassing
elements of punk, thrash, and even some clean vocals.  The uniqueness and technical intricacies of Antikeha
make the fact that there may be a language barrier a nonissue. Antikeha
is high energy, contains zero chill, and infectious.  If you haven’t checked it out, you should!
1.    Pohjast
2.    Neetud
3.    Antikeha
4.    Raamat
5.    Vard
6.    66
7.    Loikus
8.    Valudes
9.    Elajas
Eero “Nagy”
Soomere – Vocals
Lindeberg – Guitar & Vocals
Noevere – Drums
Tiitus – Bass & Vocals
Tauk – Guitar
Johve – Turntables & Sampling
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by Ken Kaizer on March 14, 2017 for Bloodrock Media
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