GOOD TIGER – WE WILL ALL BE GONE (Blacklight Media/Metal Blade Records)

On occasion, I catch myself thinking as I’m listening to a band’s album, “Man, this group would’ve been huge back in the day.” The day being referred to, of course, is the one pre-internet, when a mid-size city had 3 or 4 great record stores where everyone bought physical media, and the only way to get music for free was to patiently wait for that one song to play on the radio or MTV, and hit ‘record’ fast enough on your cassette deck or VCR to not clip off too much of the beginning of the song. Those days being long gone, it really makes me pull for a band like Good Tiger and its soon to be released 2nd full length album, We Will All Be Gone. 

Good Tiger are a supergroup of sorts, having ex members of Tesseract, The Faceless, and The Safety Fire, as well as one current member of Architects. Fans of these bands would rightfully expect something technical and heavy. But what we have here is an exceptionally crafted hard rock album (and that really is a misnomer in my mind), because it’s not what I would expect if someone was recommending this to me having never heard it. The quickest comparison that comes to mind is Protest the Hero, but without the frenetic arrangements and blistering fretwork.

Clocking in at a concise 36 minutes, we are treated to 10 impressively arranged songs that very quickly get stuck in your head, and do not wear out their welcome. What Good Tiger does very well is craft a memorable melody, and then flesh it out with the musicianship and flair you’d expect from the members’ collective backgrounds. Of particular note is the drumming of Alex Rüdinger. Upon first listen it didn’t jump out at me in a ‘holy crap, how is he doing that’ kind of way, but with repeated listens the subtlety and nuances really emerge. And I can really say that about everyone’s playing on this album.

So why would I say this band would’ve been huge back in the day? This is simply a first-rate rock and roll record, and one I fear has to work extra hard to get exposure nowadays. I truly hope this album gets all of the publicity and listens it deserves. I’d point out some favorite tracks, but I’m struggling to choose, because they are all that good. This album should be blowing up on modern rock radio. I will be shocked if it’s not on my year-end list and if I’m not listening to this album regularly 5 years from now. We Will All Be Gone came out February 9th. Bloodrock Media rating 4.5 out of 5 axes.

Elliot Coleman – vocals
Derya “Dez” Nagle – guitar
Joaquin Ardiles – guitar
Alex Rudinger – drums
Morgan Sinclair – bass

The Devil Thinks I’m Sinking
Float On
Such a Kind Stranger
Salt of the Earth
Grip Shoes
Just Shy
Nineteen Grams
Cherry Lemon
I’ll Finish This Book Later

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Written by Andy Cook for Bloodrock Media on February 2, 2018.