Goo Goo Dolls have been around for more than 30 years, boasting numerous hits over the years including: “Iris”, “Name”, and “Slide” to name a few.  Last month they released their latest album, You Should Be Happy, via Warner Brothers.

You Should Be Happy is short and sweet with only five tracks; with four of the tracks being new and the last, “Boxes”  a remix of the title track from their last album.

The second track, “Use Me”,  is their latest single and can be heard anywhere music is played.  The lyrics in “Use Me” are quite moving and relatable for anyone that has been in a one-sided relationship.  The feeling of always being there for someone but when you need them, they are nowhere to be found or being used by someone that claims they love you but their actions clearly say they don’t.  My personal favorite track on You Should Be Happy is “Walk Away”, which speaks of a love so pure and unconditional that he will always be there for her and he will never leave her, even when it is hard to stay.  And damn it, where is this mystery man that is willing to take you as you are and mean it when they say forever?!?  I demand answers!

As a Goo Goo Dolls fan, I thoroughly enjoyed You Should Be Happy, it is a bit different than what we’ve heard from them before but that isn’t a bad thing.  You Should Be Happy is definitely worth the listen.

Tattered Edge/You Should Be Happy
Use Me
30K Feet
Walk Away
Boxes (Alex Aldi mix)

You can find them online at:
Instagram: @googoodollsofficial


Written by Keren Weiss for Bloodrock Media on June 1, 2017