Continuing the mysterious yet majestic metal project named GOD, the sequel GOD II is nothing short of absolutely amazing. As before, there will be those who weary to embrace a metal project with a heavy religious (Christian) focus and that is understandable to a point (looking at you Creed) but even the most staunch non-believers are foolish to disregard this masterwork so frivolously.

Once again featuring a dozen, well-crafted metal instrumental tracks, GOD II is undoubtedly one of the most impressive instrumental albums of our time. Blending elements of djent, melodic death, and thrash metal into an epic progressive metal album as harmonious as it is heavy. GOD II is a testament of how powerful metal can be, even without words. Tracks like “Obey” ensorcell the listener with intense riffs and thunderous bass lines layered over with angelic guitar melodies; each of which would be solid on it’s own yet when those layers are brought together they create something akin to perfection. God II is not afraid to hit like a Mack truck either,  tracks like “Temptation”, “Transfiguration”, and “Forsaken” showcase how heavy this project can be and will flood any metalhead with the Holy Spirit of thrashing riffs and injury threatening levels of head banging.

GOD II is essentially the blueprint for modern instrumental metal and what it’s capable of; taking advantage of skilled musicianship with a solid grasp of instrumental composition. Regardless of any personal opinion on religion or Christianity, it’d be hard for anyone to deny just how solid God II is. When you think progressive metal this is the kind of album you want to hear; expertly crafted guitars, bass, and drums that hit like artillery shells while maintaining an aura of groove that is nothing short of hypnotic. I can’t tell you what Jesus would do (aside from the fact that he would buy this album) but I do know it’s already made it into my regular daily album rotation.  God II could easily be my album of the year, rivaling Ayreon’s The Source (review available here and interview with Arjen Lucassen available here).

GOD II will be available beginning October 9th; just as with God I, one track will be released every week until December 25th (clever, right?).   GOD II  is no joke, so be prepared to be floored and reminded why in Metal We Trust.

1.I Am


Bloodrock Rating:  5.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on June 13, 2017