Written by Ken Bowden on September 12, 2016 for Bloodrock Media
Who are they? Hel—er—heaven if I knew before this album review but coming from the Silver City’s prog metal scene comes GOD. An anonymous group undertaking a Christian metal project of, dare I say, biblical proportions? Embracing the complexity and technicality that have made equally skilled heavy hitters like Animals As Leaders, Tesseract, or Polyphia, GOD brings us the beginnings of frankly one of the what could be one of the most hype djent metal albums of 2016. Being a Christian band in this genre is unique enough but how they are releasing the album is equally as distinctive. GOD is releasing God I as an audio epic, releasing one new song from the full album every 2 weeks culminating in the album’s final track “Truth” to be released on Christmas 2016.
While personally, I am not a Christian and I partake in the dark metal such as Ghost, you would think the heavy religious connotation would be awkward but the first two tracks, “God” and “Salvation” both showcase that God, the unknown wonders, plan on delivering the goods no matter your religious beliefs (or disbeliefs). This is definatley a project to keep your eye on. Truth is, you don’t have to be all about the J-man to feel what GOD is laying down, while their tracks have biblical themes (death, resurrection, the nature of the Divine etc), the music isn’t about Bible thumping, it’s about making the listener FEEL something and indulging in the introspection that music brings.
While God I is definitely not some top 40 easy listening this IS a highly ambitious undertaking by some extremely skilled musicians. And truth be told, sometimes it’s a nice break to step away from mindless headbanging and blast something that really just makes you THINK. You don’t have to be a theologian to appreciate God I. Just put on these tracks lay back and get lost in thought, you’ll be glad ya did.
GOD’s release schedule for the tracks on God I are as follows:

Track 1 – God – August 22
Track 2 – Salvation – Sept 5
Track 3 – Foreknown – Sept 19
Track 4 – Predestined – Oct 3
Track 5 – Creation – Oct 17
Track 6 – Life – Oct 31
Track 7 – Free Will – Nov 14
Track 8 – Sin – Nov 28
Track 9 – Jesus Christ – Dec 12
Track 10 – Truth – Dec 25