On May 5th, Dutch death metal act God Dethroned released their first album in seven years, The World Ablaze. This album’s military themed art, song titles, and lyrics are phenomenal; a one-of-a-kind topic that only God Dethroned can perform.

The World Ablaze is beautiful concept album; giving vivid descriptions of war not only lyrically, but instrumentally as well. The overall aesthetic seems to tell a story within itself. Guitarists, Henri Sattler and Mike Ferguson, could not have delivered better guitar work on The World Ablaze; they exercise thrash, and black metal-esque riffs, and even use old school dive-bomb techniques, all while somehow maintaining the powerful, in-your-face tone and style death metal promises. Tracks such as “Messina Ridge” and “Escape Across the Ice” stay primarily chuggy and simple, giving The World Ablaze a bit more appeal to a wider audience. Tracks such as “The 11th Hour” and “Breathing Through Blood” are more lead-driven; solos and more complex riffs are utilized to change up the tempo.

Overall, The World Ablaze is one of the most raw death metal releases that will be heard this year.  God Dethroned set the death metal bar high and they not only reached it, they surpassed it with this release.  Grab your copy now!

Listen to “Messina Ridge” here: https://goo.gl/l809EY

On the Wrong Side of the Wire
Annihilation Crusade
A Call to Arms
The World Ablaze
Close to Victory
Escape Across the Ice
Breathing Through Blood
Mssina Ridge
The 11th Hour

Henri Sattler / Guitars and Vocals
Mike Ferguson / Guitar
Michiel van der Plicht / Drums
Jeroen Pomper / Bass

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Written by JB McCleskey for Bloodrock Media on May 18, 2017