Here in the new millennium, much in the world of metal has changed since the days of tape-trading in the 80’s or listening to late-night FM radio and television in the 90’s to get our newest metal fixes satisfied.  Nowadays, it’s all about the internet.  Podcasts, internet radio stations, blogs, social media, and websites have provided bands from all corners of the globe limitless opportunities to share and spread their music to fans far and wide.

To me, though, the thought that is most stunning about this fact is that our beloved genre has itself conquered all corners of the globe, as well.  Metal acts now hail from all six major, inhabitable continents (and all subsequent subcontinents, too).  And although our cherished music will never be truly considered mainstream – and goddammit, we like it that way! – it is positively remarkable to know that metal, while remaining brutal, sinister, and generally misunderstood, has spread as far as it has; even to countries where the values and freedoms of speech, religion, and expression are NOT always guaranteed – and let’s face it, metal requires these freedoms, because metal never backs down from speaking its mind, from facing tough or provocative issues, or from sounding its barbaric yawp from the rooftops of the world.

So, to prove that metal really DOES come from everywhere these days, I’ve compiled this massive list of bands from all over the world.  Each band listed was born in the new millennium (sometime in 2000 or after), is currently active, and has put out new material (or are currently working on material as we speak) within the last few years.  If you’re at all curious about any of them, just click the links, and discover for yourself just how amazing this big, wide world of metal that we live in really is!  Maybe you might even find a whole bunch of new acts to love and follow.  Who knows?  Why not find out?

(Obviously, this is only the tip of a VERY large iceberg, my friends.  These are just some of my favorites out of the thousands of newer metal acts that span our great globe, so please don’t be offended if I “left someone out”.  Simply put, there is just no way that I could list EVERY awesome new act from every part of the world.  Thanks for understanding!)

Here’s the feast, so chow down!  \m/


United States

Illinois – Caecus (atmospheric death), Everything Must Die (grindcore), Nucleus (death), Scars of Armageddon (power) Ohio – Dismemberment (blackened thrash), Crypt Rot (black/sludge/thrash) Indiana – Desekryptor (death), Kossuth (tech death), Blood Tribe (death) Michigan – Temple of Void (doom/death), Hate Unbound (groove)  Wisconsin – Lords of the Trident (power/classic) Minnesota – Obsequiae (atmospheric/folk black), Face of Oblivion (death) North Dakota – Frosthelm (blackened thrash) Colorado – Excommunion (black), Dissonance in Design (tech death) Washington – Rhine (progressive death), A Flourishing Scourge (extreme/progressive) California – Highland (black), Destroying the Devoid (progressive death) New Mexico – Predatory Light (black) Texas – Krigsgrav (atmospheric black/post) Georgia – Sadistic Ritual (thrash) Florida – The Noctambulant (melodic black),  Lustravi (black) South Carolina – Behind the Sun (progressive death) MassachusettsThe Summoned (tech death) New YorkReina Terror (progressive), Buckshot Facelift (experimental death/doom) PennsylvaniaVeilburner (extreme death), Sumerlands (fuzz/stoner)


British Columbia – Kafirun (black), Nylithia (thrash) Yukon Territory – Sanktuary (thrash) AlbertaKobra & the Lotus (female-fronted melodic), Nuclear Oath (groove/thrash) ManitobaCulted (blackened doom) Ontario – Antlion (psychedelic death), Longhouse (atmospheric black) QuebecTalamyus (black Viking thrash), Karkaos (female-fronted melodic death) Nova Scotia – Hellacaust (blackened death) Canada/U.S.Third Ion (progressive)


Jalisco – Cemican (folk death), Thell Barrio (“latin-core”), Arcadia Libre (djent/metalcore) Mexico CityYaotl Mictlan (folk black) Guanajuanto – Hërmës (pagan death)

Central America

Costa RicaInsepulto (death) El Salvador – Conceived by Hate (thrash/death) Belize – Lasher Zombie (death) PanamaE.N.G.E.L. (metalcore) GuatemalaThe Aversionist (progressive/melodic death) Honduras – Perturabacion (death) Nicaragua – Schizoid (thrash/death)


Brazil – Violator (thrash), Symbolica (melodic death), Musica Diablo (thrash) PeruBlizzard Hunter (classic/speed), Morbosatan (blackened death) ArgentinaTriddana (power/folk) ChileKnighthood (folk), Warchest (thrash/death) ParaguayOroborus (groove/doom) ColombiaDia De Los Muertos (female-fronted brutal thrash) VenezuelaCultura Tres (sludge/stoner) EcuadorRomasanta (progressive power) BoliviaNekromanteion (black)


Algeria – Lelahell (extreme death) Egypt – Frostagrath (atmospheric/depressive black) Egypt/Canada/U.S. – Massive Scar Era (female-fronted post-hardcore) ZimbabweDividing the Element (groove) BotswanaWrust (groove) South AfricaTruth and Its Burden (melodic metalcore)


Portugal – Dark Oath (melodic death) SpainSheidim (black) FranceVindland (black) United KingdomDowncast Twilight (folk/modern death), Fen (progressive/atmospheric black), Wode (black) IrelandCoscradh (black) NorwayLegacy of Emptiness (melodic death), Mistur (melodic death) SwedenSons Ov Omega (“apocalyptic occult”), Grid (grindcore) FinlandKyy (black) DenmarkVOLA (progressive/melodic) IcelandSkálmöld (melodic death) Netherlands – Gnaw Their Tongues (industrial/black) SwitzerlandLvx Hæresis (black) GermanyMouth of Madness (black) Czech RepublicModern Day Babylon (instrumental progressive/djent) ItalyAntropofagus (extreme death), Fate Unburied (progressive death) Greece – Carnal Garden (thrash) SloveniaNephrolith (black) RomaniaFuneral Baptism (black) HungarySin of God (death) LatviaEschatos (black) UkraineLava Invocator (black)


Russia – Dark Matter Secret (instrumental progressive), Katalepsy (death), Ungraved Aparition (dark/sludge), Pereplut (folk/pagan), Tiran (thrash), Evoke Thy Lords (sludge/doom) TurkeyMaegi (progressive power), Furtherial (melodic death/thrash)


JapanVomit Remnants (brutal death), Ningen Isu (doom/stoner) Japan/U.S.Murashita (thrash/death) Chinese Mongolia/U.S.Tengger Cavalry (folk) ChinaExplosicum (thrash), Black Kirin (blackened folk death), Screaming Savior (symphonic black metal) Philippines Nekroholocaust (death) IndonesiaGodless Symptoms (thrash), Noxa (grindcore) IndiaReptilian Death (death), Demonic Resurrection (folk death) Sri LankaPlecto Aliquem Capite (experimental noise/black)


Australia; Victoria – Desecrator (thrash), Nocturnal Graves (blackened death), Hadal Maw (death), Damnations Day (melodic/progressive death) Australia; New South WalesResist the Thought (metalcore), Hemina (melodic progressive) Australia; Western Australia – Claim the Throne (pirate/folk) Australia; Queensland – Valhalore (folk) New Zealand – Exordium Mors (blackened death/thrash), Winter Deluge (black)

And so, in the words of Porky Pig, “That’s all, folks!”  I hope you’ve enjoyed this list, and have perhaps found some killer new music to listen to.  Metal really has conquered the world, and if this list doesn’t prove that, then I don’t know what does.  Is this the part where I’m supposed to drop the mic?  Yes?  Oh, OK, well then, consider this motherfucker toast.


Written by Geoff Teach for Bloodrock Media on May 27, 2017