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Ghost Atlas is the solo project of Jesse Cash, known primarily for his role in the band ERRAAll is in Sync and There’s Nothing Left to Sing About will be released on November 17, 2017. This solo project is a very personal reflection on Cash’s personal experiences, which he has invested in heavily and I can’t wait to dig in to – so let’s do this.

So I’m pretty sure that I’ve revealed multiple times that I’ve been an emokid for years. YEARS. I still rock playlists from my middle and high school days with no fucks given. Literally, with the opening track “Cry Wolf”, I was hooked. I was having a conversation with our co-founder April Baggins and told her right away that this album was appealing to my inner emokid – and that makes me extremely happy.

With each song, I became more enthralled and enamored with All is in Sync and There’s Nothing Left to Sing About. It’s an album you can play when you’re in any kind of mood (at least I can) and find something to make you want to sway, or toe tap, or sing along. And when I say that this appeals to my inner emokid, I’m not saying that it’s a bunch of whiny bitching on every track. I’m saying that it brings me back to my days of listening to Saosin, Circa Survive, Deftones kind of music. I’m saying it makes me nostalgic and I dig it. Deftones is actually referenced in the song “Legs”, which has an almost sexy sound to it.

Also, let’s not forget to mention Jesse Cash’s voice – because if you could marry a voice, this might be it for me. I may have to forsake my former love Dallas Green and trade him in for a newer model; the range and talent encased is this one person is almost entirely unbelievable. “Surrogate Lover” is a track that will play with your emotions – from the highs and the lows, faster and slower beat, vocals louder and softer. “NightDrive” is the perfect title for the track – it’s a slow jam that can certainly be played driving through a quieted city at night, or down windy and darkened country roads.

“Scouts Honor” is another track that is going to slow it down, and highlight just how pretty Cash’s vocals are. And pretty is never a bad thing. Especially when it’s a dude singing about taking back your life and testing your love, and how there’s no one he wants to see but you tonight (yes, please). “All in sync and there’s nothing left to sing about” closes out the album, an homage to new beginnings and leaving people behind, because you just have nothing left to sing about.

All is in Sync and There’s Nothing Left to Sing About is a beautiful, masterfully created work of art that will take you on a journey through highs and lows, increase your heartbeat to soothe it back down, amp you up to guide you to the ground again. If you’re anything like me, it will make you nostalgic for music you listened to in the past. And when it ends, you’ll be disappointed that there isn’t more. This is an album I would tell anyone who would listen to me to purchase – and since you’re reading this, if you couldn’t tell from the above, I’m telling you to go purchase it – and then tell me how much you enjoyed it. I’ll be rocking this in my car during my long drives come November 17th – you should, too. And with all my love, this album gets a solid 5 out of 5.

1. Cry Wolf
2. Vertigo
3. Legs
4. Badlands
5. Fox Rain
6. Surrogate Lover
7. NightDrive
8. Mirror Room
9. Scouts Honor
10. Little Shell
11. Rabid Dog
12. All is in sync and there’s nothing left to sing about

Check out Ghost Atlas here:

Written by Har-Lena Morganbesser for Bloodrock Media on October 31, 2017