Minneapolis natives, Gabriel and the Apocalypse, released their third album Ghost Parade in early October courtesy of Pavement Entertainment.  Vocalist Lindy Gabriel, the mad scientist behind the magnificence that is Gabriel and the Apocalypse, successfully merged edgy industrial rock with female fronted angst.  The group has built quite the impressive underground following, mainly due to their extraordinarily intense and theatrical videos.  Ghost Parade is sure to launch the band to new heights with major worldwide distribution and exposure.

Ghost Parade is an amalgamation of gut wrenching chords melded with pain and oppression influenced vocals and can only be described as; heavy yet feminine, staggering yet settling, and passionate yet peaceful.  Bringing forth what could only be considered a hauntingly beautiful piece of industrial rock art or better still, if OTEP, Trent Reznor, Shirley Manson, and Tori Amos gave birth to a music love child, Ghost Parade would be the result.

The first track on Ghost Parade, “March of Dolls”, just screams BAD ASS!  Bestowing female vocals rarely heard today, it’s refreshing to hear a female vocalist not trying to sound like anyone else or be someone else, just being her.  “March of Dolls” opens with a wavering guitar riff and mix-up of loops, but it is Gabriel’s vocals that make “March of Dolls” stand out from the typical industrial fare; clean, beautiful, and packed full of emotion.

The thunderous tracks “Beauty under Glass” and “Thrill of the Kill” roar in after a brief jaunt to the softer side of GATA; both tracks incorporate rich electronic samples with beefy, powerful drums, showcasing the talent of Zach Williams (drums).  The title track, “Ghost Parade” is harsh, almost venomous; Gabriel’s vocals ranging from spoken word to pseudo-rapping, Gabriel spits every word with contempt and fury. “Since We’ve Become Ghosts”, the last track on Ghost Parade, is creepy, brooding and unnerving; certain to make the hair on your arms stand on end.  Quiet, almost a whisper, vocals almost guaranteed to send chills up your spine.

Overall, Ghost Parade is epic, full of emotion, and addictive. Every song is packed full of emotion, from longing to wanting to revenge.  The track intros pull you in, keep you listening, and yearning for what’s to come.  Gabriel’s lyrics are relatable, evocative, and commanding; her remarkable vocal talent together with the power of the band leaves little doubt that GATA is deservedly going places.

Lindy Gabriel – Vocals
Jake LaCore – Guitar
Figgles McGee – Synths/Samples
JACE – Bass
Joey Conelly – Guitar
Zach Williams – Drums

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Written by Keren Weiss for Bloodrock Media on November 7, 2016