Type O Negative meets Ghost.

One thing I really like about doom metal is, no matter the band, you’ll never reeeeally be able to get used to the singer, if it’s done right. It’s just never going to sound right.  I’m all for that, I’ve never been one for symmetry.

On the other hand, it’s incredibly easy to screw something like this up. Because, with so many bands going with thrash, death, or black metal, there are relatively few bands doing something like this. So the ones that stick out are either really really good or really really bad, and they immediately get compared, one way or the other, to the big shots doing it.

Aaaaaand I’m going to do the exact same thing.

One thing I love about writing for Bloodrock Media is, we don’t care how well known a band is, we listen to everything that is sent to us. And when bands like Fvneral Fvkk send in their stuff it’s a welcome change from all the other stuff we get and even if it was going to suck, it would at least stand out from the catalogs worth of death metal we get every week.

Lecherous Liturgies is a three-track self released EP by the German band. They currently have 297 likes on their Facebook page and when you hear the EP this will surprise you. I know these days, recording a good, clean disk is pretty inexpensive because of that, a lot of bands forget a few things; such as hiring a solid mixing and a mastering engineer who knows his stuff.

It happens a LOT, and Fvneral Fvkk didn’t do that. Even if they recorded it themselves, they clearly have some serious people involved on the back end, because what could’ve easily been a crappy Ghost ripoff or a My Dying Bride thing, somehow managed to squeak by with a somewhat unique sound, mostly coming from the band’s vocalist, who could easily be channeling Peter Steele (I wonder if he’s as tall?), but without the suicidal depression that comes along with listening to some of Type O‘s classier stuff.

The disk starts off with an oh, so loving ode to God, with a track called “Erection In The House Of God. Let’s just ponder that for a moment. Is that sacrilege or just perverse? I have no idea but the song title made me laugh. I’m sure their angle was a bit more serious but I had sort of Rick and Morty moment in my headphones.  The track sets a good tone for the disk, with a clean yet sullen guitar sound, and a slow carrying vocal style that sort of massages religious perversion into your skull.

Sidenote, I wonder if this band tuned in A=432 Hz? I’d be interested to know that, because it’s a little known fact that most music these days is tuned to 440 Hz or, more recently, 442 Hz, which is brighter, but has a harsher sound to it. This music is sullen, but really easy to listen to, so it would be interesting to see where the band is with that.

For three tracks, the disk is a nice 18 minutes long, which I like, though I wish it was longer. Five tracks would’ve been a good length for something like this, because I think this band could carry it for longer and not have gotten boring. I even like the cover a lot.

Here’s the problem.

For a band whose logo already looks a LOT like Ghost‘s, I sense that it can be entirely too easy for fans to confuse the two, especially if their whole schpiel is similar to ol’ Papa. Much of their content is similar in scope, and even the singer’s name has a Papa Emeritus feel to it. I hope they stay away from that, because that would be a quick killer for a band as interesting as this.

In the end though, I really hope to hear more of these guys. They manage to fuse many different styles of doomy goodness without slipping too solidly into any one of them. The songs aren’t boring at all, for how slow they are, and the singer is always on point with the creepy yet beautiful factor.

Good job, guys! Do more of that, but don’t become Ghost.

Fun fact; not only do they have the digital on their Bandcamp, but they have a 7 inch vinyl on sale via their website for 6€ ($6.88), and a – and I’m not even joking – CASSETTE TAPE, which is 4€ ($5.25). I think I’ll pick up one of both, and you should, too.

Lecherous Liturgies dropped July 7, 2017. Pick it up.

Bloodrock Rating:  3.6 out of 5

FFO: My Dying Bride, Ghost, Type O Negative


Cantor Cinaedicus – Invocations & Enticements
Decanus Obscaenus – Ropes & Chains
Vicarius Vespillo – Diggings & Burials
Frater Flagellum – Beatings & Whippings


01 – Erection in the House of God
02 – Underneath the Phelonion
03 – Fvkking at Fvnerals

Check out Fvneral Fvkk here:



Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media on July 29, 2017