While there’s much to be said of age bringing wisdom and experience with more of it, the fiery nature of youth is at times just as undeniably valuable and potentially even more fierce. Funeralglade is an example of the latter end of that spectrum, while none of it’s member are old enough to buy booze in the U.S. let it never be said they aren’t fully capable of melting off faces young guns or not. Blending multiple styles of heavy as a ton of bricks metal into some damn fine grindcore meets melo-death, May The Funeral Begin  is the birth of an unruly monster.

One of the most standout traits about this band is an uncanny ability to be jarringly heavy yet still in full command of some deep groove. It’s like pulling off open heart surgery with a chainsaw, it makes no damn sense but you believe it when ya see it without question. Take for instance the smooth as glass opening riffs to “Shadow of Misery” only to become like musical molten lava when the vocals kick in. Another quite notable trait is the diverse and demonically cool vocals of Otto Mäkiniemi. Such chameleon like ferocity is quite rare indeed among grind/death based styles, few names truly stand out like Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth) or Trevor Strnad (Black Dahlia Murder) but with this impressive first outing Otto looks to be one day be counted among them. “Hollow” is doubly impressive as  Otto Mäkiniemi flexes some serious vocal muscle while some quality shredding, breakdowns and a swift but satisfying solo explodes along the track as well. The unrelenting force of “A Bedtime Story: Bloodlust” from beginning to end is as slick as it is pulse pounding, if this track doesn’t get a mosh pit into a violent firestorm the I don’t know what will. Closing this EP out is “Paincauser” which is appropriately titled because it’s straight up brutal, most albums love to slow it down end on a chill note but sticking true to their guns Funeralglade says “nah homie, we shreddin’.”

With just 5 days away until their official debut on August 18thFuneralglade is all set to demolish some stages and blow minds like a shotgun blast and May The Funeral Begin is loaded to the brim with all the ammo they’ll need to get the job done.  2017 has been a pretty decent year so far for those seeking new jams and if you are one of those people you’d be shooting yourself in the foot by not copping this EP.

1. Shadow of Misery
2. Death (Only Way Out)
3. Hollow
4. Cadence of the Aching Breath
5. A Bedtime Story: Bloodlust
6. Paincauser

Otto Mäkiniemi – Vocals
Kalle Roine – Drums
Aleksi Nieminen – Lead Guitar
Tony Ewart – Rhythm Guitar
Matias Kartemo – Bass Guitar



Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on August 13, 2017