From Ashes to New – The Future (Better Noise Records)

From Ashes to New is ready to slay our earholes with their signature brand of nu rock with their sophomore release The Future, available today (April 20th), courtesy of Better Noise Records.  “We went through the most extreme level of adversity that anyone can go through while creating this album, explains the band’s vocalist/keyboardist/programmer Matt Brandyberry. “Pretty much anything that could go wrong to slow down the process and throw you a curveball happened, but we came out on the other side.” When he rhymes on the title track “The Future”, “Day One is over, the future’s approaching, the embers are glowing, we’re spreading the ash,” it’s not only verbal wordplay about the band’s history but also serves as a declaration of From Ashes To New’s mission statement for this album.  From Ashes To New’s chemistry lies at the core of The Future, an album that sees the band expanding their music palette and taking their blend of rock, hip hop, pop, and metal to new heights.

The first track, “Wake Up”, commences to do just that; wake you up and encourage you to shake your bootay.  A combination of Linkin Park and Asking Alexandria, this track is infectious and fans will not want the cure.  Next up is “Crazy” which begins with a pretty melody by the band’s new vocalist Danny Case, he is accompanied by Lance Dowdle on the acoustic guitar and some keys laid down by Matt Brandyberry.  Case, says of the track, “’Crazy’ is, at its core, a song about someone or something driving you absolutely out of your mind and feeling unable to walk away from it.  I feel like everyone at one point or another experiences that in their lives.”  The chorus is super catchy and the flows by Brandyberry compliment Case’s vocals perfectly, it is obvious why this track was the first single off the album.  Fans will not want to walk away from “Crazy”, that is certain.  “My Name” is hip hop at it’s core, primarily dominated by Brandyberry’s trademark rhymes with Case contributing the chorus.  The chorus is the highlight of the this track; it showcases new drummer Mat Madiro and Case’s vocal range, which in this case is very reminiscent of Jonny Hawkins of Nothing More.

“Gone Forever” has a similar feel to the first track “Wake Up”, it will make you want to move your body, including a few seconds of headbanging during the screams.  “Broken” is honestly a bit boring, despite the heavier guitar riffs by Dowdle, the track is fairly uninteresting.  “Forgotten” is a little all over the place and is slightly difficult to describe but in a good way.  It is a ‘swayer‘, you know one of those tracks that make you sway from side to side when you hear it?  Brandyberry shines on the keys and programmed effects, which have an almost whiney tone to them.  “Enemy” begins with a pretty piano melody and then Dowdle comes in with some heavy riffage which changes the entire direction of the track.  The only negative with this one is the rapping, which almost seems out of place, thankfully it is minimal, as it doesn’t add much to the song and is really a distraction.  “Nowhere to Run” is chocked full of gorgeous effects and has a more poppy feel than the other tracks we’ve heard thus far.

“Let Go” is hands down the best track on The Future, it is beaming with emotion and passion.  Case’s vocals are absolutely gorgeous, even during the chorus when they are a bit heavier, almost pleading, they are beautiful.  The effects are very subtle and perfectly compliment every aspect of the track, I am so glad they kept it simple and clean, anything more would have destroyed the essence, and that would have a been a shame.  “Let Go” has more of a rock vibe and it really works for these guys, I would love to hear more from them in this style. “On My Own” speeds things up again with it’s stadium anthem chorus.  The title track “The Future” closes out this release with Eminem style rhymes from Brandyberry and a childrens choir supporting Case during the chorus.  This track is not how I would have expected them to end The Future, it works, but it is completely unexpected.  Brandyberry’s rap style shines, the flow very cool, and seems less forced than some of the other tracks.

The Future is a solid sophomore release for the guys of From Ashes to New, their name really says it all; over the last couple of years the band has faced some pretty trying times but this release breathes new life into the group.  The passion for their craft and perseverance resonates throughout The Future, these guys have guts and the testicular fortitude to keep pushing forward,  when most would have run home with their tail between their legs.   Bloodrock Media gives The Future a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 axes.

01. Wake Up
02. Crazy
03. My Name
04. Gone Forever
05. Broken
06. Forgotten
07. Enemy
08. Nowhere to Run
09. Let Go
10. On My Own
11. The Future

Danny Case – vocals
Matt Brandyberry – keyboard/programmer/vocals (rap)
Lance Dowdle – guitar
Mat Madiro – drums

Check out From Ashes to New :
Video for “Crazy” here


Written by April Baggins for Bloodrock Media on April 20, 2018