FONTAINE is an upcoming act fresh out of Sheffield, England, ready to mark their own unique and charmingly odd stamp on the music world.  A slick and stylish blend of influences crafting a style fans of artists like Beck, Bjork, Depeche Mode, etc. will love at first listen, the album takes alt rock and turns it on it’s ear. Each song is moody and flavorful, like the tantalizing keys in the track “Polaroid” making one feel like they’re on a trip into deep space or the haunting yet charismatic vocals of “The Bedside Blues”, there are many layers here to be dissected and greedily consumed.

“Dials” takes it up a notch tempo-wise, feeling almost Gorillaz-esque – the beat is absolutely infectious with many subtle levels building up and down around it. Arguably one of the album’s strongest tracks, it really opens the listener up to anticipate more to come which does not disappoint as the tracks flow into each other. The tracks “Room” and “I.T.F” have a much more urban feel to them; subtle yet aggressive while maintaining the ethereal feel of the overall album. As I mentioned earlier, the flow of this album is one of it’s definite strong suits. Despite each track being wholly unique unto itself, the overall composition is immaculate, never once feeling disjointed or jarring from start to finish. The album’s later tracks are more on the trance/hypnotic side, putting more emphasis on the heavy groove and more melodic atmosphere; the spacey vocals of “Lyra” bring this album to a perfect close.

FONTAINE might just be getting started but as an opening salvo from an unsigned band it’s pretty hard to think of a better album to get things poppin’. When you go one step further and take into account that the band describes this album as something they made while “drinking beers and singing nonsense at each other,” it makes the album all the more impressive due to how organic it feels despite being heavily electro influenced. The lesson here is if you’re an artist or in a band stressing out over your sound, you are probably doing it wrong. Just do what you do and if you’ve got some talent it’ll shine through on it’s own.

1.A Gathering In The Woods
3.The Bedside Blues
7.I.T.F. (Itchy Trigger Finger)

Joel Simpson-stuff
Alex Harrison-things

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Bloodrock Rating:  4.0 outta 5.0 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on August 5, 2017