Flaw – Divided We Fall
Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media on July 25, 2016
Kentuckians, Flaw, have always been a bit different than most in the rock scene, breaking through at the end of the nu-metal era, they brought chugging riffs and intense vocals with a more positive, uplifting feel.  Then, seemingly as quickly as they exploded on to the scene, they were gone.  Only four years after being signed to Universal Records, they were dropped, and eventually broke up. Struggling for years with membership changes, rumors of internal strife, and new projects, one could say that the last decade or so has been a trying time for the group.  But, as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait and the guys in Flaw have waited over a decade, paying their dues, and finally finding their way. Without further ado, Flaw has announced the release of their fourth studio album, Divided We Fall on August 19, 2016 courtesy of Pavement Entertainment.
The first track on Divided We Fall, “Fed Up”, is reminiscent of their nu-metal heyday; bursting with powerful, meaningful lyrics.  While in some ways going backwards is a bit disappointing, “Fed Up” is simply the first course of the Divided We Fall meal, meant to awaken fan’s palates to what is to come in the next 10 tracks.  
Divided We Fall features some of the heaviest material Flaw has ever recorded, with absolutely brutal tracks “Choices” and “Do You Remember” demonstrating the bands growth as musicians. The bands renewed focus, maturity, and energy is especially apparent in tracks “Heal”, “When You Grieve”, and their newest single “Live and Breathe”, which are expressive and brimming with raw human emotion. After an extremely tempestuous decade fans may be a bit hesitant or this may very well be that musical moment they’ve been waiting for, either way, everything about Divided We Fall is tight, the sound much more mature, heavy, even more emotional, and meaningful.  Fans should definitely grab a copy of Divided We Fall in August; it is unquestionably worth a listen.