Hailing from Toledo, OH, the Midwest boys of Five Horse Johnson are set to drop their eighth album Jake Leg Boogie. FHJ formed in 1995 and now back with their original line up, these “blues brothers” have been at it for a minute and it shows in their unique blend of blues and hard rock with just a hint of outlaw party rock spirit that guarantees a good time.

Now I’ll be first to admit that a bunch of white guys doing blues rock hasn’t been played out lately or anything (*cough cough Black Keys cough cough*) however, Five Horse Johnson shows the difference between trends and talent. Five Horse Johnson writes the kind of blue collar, drink a cold one with the boys rock that is perfect for kicking back with a two finger lid of your favorite whiskey or putting miles on a Harley.

The intro tune “Jake Leg Boogie”, for which the album is aptly named, clues you in on what to expect and perfectly sets the tone of the album; legit blues rock groove, with some attitude and a healthy dose of humor mixed together like a refreshing Friday night cocktail.  The soulful crooning and down to Earth melodies of tracks like “Ropes and Chains” and “Daddy Was A Gun” are personable and easy to relate to while maintaining stand out flavor.

Jake Leg Boogie is perfect for a hot summer day when the grill is going to be fired up or tossing around jokes with the boys over a few hands of poker. Five Horse Johnson manages to appeal to the average Joe without succumbing to mediocrity in the process.  This album is great for fans of old school rock and roll and even the more intense metalheads looking for a change of pace.

1. Jake Leg Boogie
2. Magic Man
3. Cryin’ Shame
4. Ropes And Chains
5. Hard Times
6. Smoke Show
7. Little Lonely
8. Overload
9. Daddy Was A Gun
10. Last Song

Eric Oblander-Vox/Harp
Brad Coffin-Guitar/Vox
Steve Smith-Bass
Phil Durr-Guitar
Tim Gahagan-Drums

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Bloodrock Rating:  3.5 out of 5 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on July 10, 2017


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