On June 24th at Walter’s Downtown in Houston, TX headliners Fit For An Autopsy took the stage with Tombs, Moon Tooth, Desecrate the Faith, An Oath of Misdirection, and Kozilek providing support.

Kozilek on June 24th at Walter’s Downtown in Houston, TX

Kicking off the show was Houston-based Kozilek. The floor was still at first, but after the first song, that quickly changed. These tech death musicians kept the crowd moving until the end of their set. Guitarist Eric Miller is a tech death genius; his work goes unmatched. Kozilek was a phenomenal opener for this show and were the perfect way to kick off this tour.

Desecrate the Faith on June 24th at Walter’s Downtown in Houston, TX

Up next was An Oath of Misdirection, a hardcore band from Houston. Vocalist Franklin Vega is an absolute monster; his voice the focal point of their entire set. All of the members from An Oath of Misdirection were all hype-men themselves, jumping around and yelling the lyrics at the topof their lungs, especially guitarist Chris Martinez. Their performance was well received by myself and the crowd, this band definitely exceeded my expectations.

An Oath of Misdirection on 24th at Walter’s Downtown in Houston, TX

Next was Desecrate the Faith, a brutal death metal group, also from Houston. Their set was infinitely heavy from the get-go. Vocalist John Hull’s lows and gutturals are some of the best I’ve heard live; you can hear the years of experience in his tone. Desecrate the Faith delivered brutality from start to finish of their set. They know how to keep the crowd moving, even with a simple intro. This band was one of my personal favorites from this tour.


Moon Tooth on June 24th at Walter’s Downtown in Houston, TX

New Yorkers Moon Tooth were up next, and there is so much I could say about this band. A flawless performance by every member. Their progressive rock style was unlike any other band I’ve ever heard. Their show was indescribable. Guitarist Nick Lee has a style that very few, if any, can match. At one point during the set, he used a lighter to give his guitar tone a metallic sound. Truly remarkable, on top of the fact he used his pickups to make his guitar squeal. The solos Nick writes are innovative, tasteful, and utilize every guitar technique in the book, and some of his own.  Brilliant band!

Next was Tombs, also from New York. This experimental metal act puts on a bleak, dark show that captivates as soon as their intro begins. Their set was relentless and heavy, considering Fit For An Autopsy was up next. The pit was so big I could not get photos of the show without getting pushed and almost knocked over a few times, not to mention their set is extremely dark. Headman Mike Hill plays guitar and vocals; a very talented individual with much experience behind him. A better band couldn’t have been picked to open for Fit For An Autopsy for this tour.

FFAA on June 24th at Walter’s Downtown in Houston, TX

Headliner Fit For An Autopsy finally took the stage. They opened with “Hydra”, a track from their newest release, The Great Collapse. They wasted no time getting started. In an instant, there was pure chaos in the pit. Watching everyone yell “FUCKING TWO GROW BACK” simultaneously was one of the most satisfying experiences of the show.

There was no photo pit, so I was being shoved literally onto the stage from the people behind me. Their performance was one of the cleanest I’ve ever experienced. Vocalist Joe Bad didn’t miss one lyric, his lung capacity seemingly never ends. When they played “Heads Will Hang”, Joe stuck the mic out to the crowd. I’ve never heard such a beautiful thing when literally every single person in the room screamed the lyrics. Goosebumps ensued, and I couldn’t help but smile. Their listeners are more than just a fan base, I’d consider it more of a cult.

Between songs, Joe and Pat (guitar) would talk to the fans, almost putting on a stand-up comedy performance. Everyone was laughing and having a genuinely good time. They played songs from Hellbound (2013) and of course their latest release, making sure to appease every sort of Fit For An Autopsy fan with both the nostalgia of previous releases and the latest and greatest.

It was hard to take photos when they played their song “Thank You Budd Dwyer”, considering that’s one of my favorites of all time. The urge to jump in the pit and join in with everyone else was unfathomable. My camera died halfway through the song, so I handed my equipment to a friend standing near the side of the stage and dived into the madness. “Do You See Him” (Hellbound) was performed next, and I can truly say after that song, everyone saw the devil inside of themselves.

Fit For An Autopsy never fails to please, recorded or live. Seeing one of my favorite bands live was a magical experience, and the fact they play live flawlessly only made the experience that much better.

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Written by Jay McCleskey for Bloodrock Media on June 30, 2017


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