Best described as powerful and charismatic, Texas quintet Fire From the Gods unleashes a new milestone with their smoking hot second album Narrative Retold.

Quite frankly prepare to be blindsided but just how intense the groove is on Narrative Retold, with skillful genre blending worthy of metal heavyweights like Candiria, Flaw, and Sevendust, taking the raw attitude of Southern rock and mixing in the charismatic flavors of reggae, hip hop, and good old fashioned cut throat heavy metal. Fire From the Gods basically represent everything the nu-metal movement in the late 90’s was hoping to accomplish and most failed at tremendously. These guys, however, have found the secret formula to bring “opposite” genres like hip hop and heavy metal, punk etc together to create something ‘magically delicious’. 

Narrative Retold is ridiculously engrossing, while the first couple tracks are pretty damn good, the moment vocalist AJ Channer really let’s loose on the mic with his earnest and rage fueled verses on the track “Excuse Me”, the album pretty  much explodes.  While the band as a whole shows incredible flexibility and proficiency in genre blending, without over production or special effects, the stand out star is the insane versatility of vocalist AJ Channer. The talent encompassed in this human (or maybe he isn’t human at all) is pretty prevalent; Channer isn’t a metal vocalist that occasionally raps nor is he a rapper pretending he is a metal head, this dude just does what he does effortlessly and with brilliance.  He seamlessly transitions his vocals and energy to best reflect the emotional landscape of the lyrics in the moment. Now mind you most of that emotional landscape is very, very angry but the way he harnesses that anger to vocalize it and his versatility is precisely how non-one dimensional a vocal performance should be.  Tracks “Composition”, “Pretenders”, “Into the Blue”, and even the acoustic bonus track version of “Excuse Me” are raw, primal and wholly unique. Narrative Retold will easily make any metal/hard rock/hip hop/punk/hardcore etc fans must have list of 2017.

Cliffs: Fire From The Gods is an appropriate name for this band because Narrative Retold is surface of the sun hot, it’s available now so purchase a copy today.

1. The Voiceless
2. The Taste
3. Public Enemy
4. End Transmission
5. Excuse Me
6. Composition
7. Evolve
8. Pretenders
9. Diversion
10. In Spite of Doubt
12. Into the Blue
13. Excuse Me (acoustic)

AJ Channer – vocals
Jameson Teat – guitar
Drew Walker – guitar
Bonner Baker – bass
Richard Wicander – drums

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Bloodrock Rating:  4.5 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on May 26, 2017