Post Pulse​, ​Halls of the Damned​ was released on May 26th 2017 and the metal media appears to have appreciated the contribution. With support from websites, magazines, radio shows, podcasts and new fans from all over the world, ​Post Pulse​ has properly announced their existence.

“Halls of The Damned is an unrelenting record that comes barreling out at you full force from the very first note.”

Halls of the Damned ​is a record the band decided to release for FREE and as of this past Friday anyone can go download the full release from the ​Post Pulse ​Bandcamp page: ​

 “Death Metal fans should definitely integrate this troop from Finland into their collections.”

The band recorded one bonus track that is not available as part of the album package. The song, a cover of ​Simon & Garfunkel​’s, “The Sound of Silence,” can only be obtained by signing up for the ​Post Pulse​ mailing list. There will be many more exclusives for mailing list members in the future:

 “You’ll be hearing a lot more about the band after their debut album, Halls of the Damned, is released.”

Post Pulse​ has recorded a video for every track on the record. Today the band has given an exclusive music video premiere to ​​ for the track, “When The Snakes Are Dead.” You can watch it right now: sive-premiere

Other music videos released so far:
Frozen Heart: ​

The Gates: ​

Let It Burn: ​

Halls of the Damned: ​

“Halls of the Damned establishes them as an international powerhouse.”

Bandcamp is where anyone can get the record for free. ​Post Pulse​, ​Halls of the Damned​ is also available from all major digital destinations including:
Spotify: ​

iTunes: ​

Amazon: ​

“​Mixing a blend of relentless groove, and unique melodies, the band captivates and moves.”

Post Pulse​ is available for interviews and participation in other exclusives. Please reach out to ​​ or ​

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