Finland’s melodic rock band Final Void will be releasing their debut album Sounds of Absence on May 25th.
Final Void is very different from other newer alternative metal/rock bands, considering the lead guitar (Toni Hangasmaki) has almost a black metal picking style with a distorted tone, and starts off most of the songs on Sounds of Absence with a slow, clean tone that is guaranteed to give you goosebumps. The bridge in songs such as “The Day You Sold Your Heart” can only be described as pure euphoria; the instrumental tracks are guaranteed to leave you in awe. In tracks such as “Her Song” and “Bad Memory”, the utilization of the classical guitar could not be any more emotional. A perfect use of minor and major chords, it’s almost as if the instruments tell a story themselves. As for the vocals, clean singer (Tuomas Kotajarvi) has a remarkable tone to his voice, and can sustain notes for an exceptional amount of time. And for the unclean vocals, (Janne Puranen) the ideal vocal style for this kind of music lies within Final Void.
Overall, Sounds of Absence will leave you on an emotional rollercoaster, taking you through ups and downs. Make sure to grab a copy on May 25th.
Listen to “Thoreau” here:
Tuomas Kotajarvi / Lead Vocals
Janne Puranen / Growls and Bass
Toni Hangasmaki / Lead Guitar
Eino Roihuvuo / Guitar
Roni Revell / Drums
1. One Certain Son
2. Dianthus
3. Thoreau
4. For You
5. Desperation Rises
6. Journey
7. Her Song
8. Bad Memory
9. The Day You Stole Your Heart
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Written by JB McCleseky for Bloodrock Media on May 6, 2017
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