Norway’s Fight the Fight have released their debut self-titled full-length album in January, even though vocalist Lars Vegas, guitarist Amok, guitarist Lord, bassist HM, and drummer Detyler have actually been together for over a decade under the name Faenskap (which even Google Translate has failed me in figuring out exactly what that means) playing major festivals in Norway and touring across Europe in support of bands like Satyricon.

Starting off, “Fight the Fight” is the perfect opening track to show off the band’s musicianship. It’s energetic, it’s catchy, Vegas showcases an impressive range, and the guitar solo is killer. Another enjoyable track is “The Edge.” It starts off lightly but the vocals and guitars start hitting hard before too long. Switching between screaming and clean singing, Vegas shows not only his vocal range but also his ability to diversify.

Where things change are with the track “The Other Side,” which takes us on a bit of a slower ride. It’s slow, but it’s not sappy or balladesque. It’s got more of an alternative rock vibe to it as opposed to the metalcore aspects of the first couple of tracks. I would probably pick this track to put on air for radio play. Things change again with the next one, “Perfect Combination”. The opening guitar riff is great. It almost sounds familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it. This track is heavier than most on the album, but not so heavy as to be off-putting to anybody who isn’t really into that.

“Addictions” starts with some funky riffs before going into some heavy screams and a melodic chorus.  “This is War” has some of the catchiest instrumentals on the album, but that’s not to say it’s an instrumental track. Again, the opening sounds familiar, but I can’t grasp it. Clean singing comes in after the opening riffs giving the track a lighter feel, but it’s still heavy enough to be enjoyable. This is another track from the album well suited to radio play.

“Patient Zero” is a haunting track, or so it would seem from its opener. It quickly becomes fast paced with heavy screams and blast beats, only occasionally broken up with some clean singing during the chorus. The final track “My Emperor” is quite possibly the heaviest on the album with zero clean singing – all wailing vocals and banshee screams here. It’s incredibly heavy, but it’s still approachable.

Put quite simply, Fight the Fight is a solidly enjoyable album from start to finish with no tracks that I found to be particularly bad. These guys know their craft and they know it well, which is pretty damned impressive for four guys barely in their twenties. It’s not innovative by any stretch of the imagination, but who said every new album had to be? Fight the Fight stuck with what works and made it work incredibly well. Final score: 4.5 out of 5 axes.

1. Fight the Fight
2. The Edge
3. The Other Side
4. Perfect Combination
5. Addictions
6. This is War
7. Patient Zero
8. My Emperor

Lars Vegas – vocals
Amok – guitars
Lord – guitars
HM – bass

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Written by Mitch Ellerbrock for Bloodrock Media on November 10, 2017