Need a whopping helping of gloom and doom served with a side of kick ass? Well we got just the thing, Father Befouled’s Desolate Gods which is set to release on June 23, 2017 via Dark Descent Records.

Incorporating the darkest and heaviest elements of sludge, grindcore, and death metal a madman could ask for, Desolate Gods is a sonic explosion that drags you down into a dreary underworld filled with chainsaw like guitars and demonic growls. These Georgia natives have been in the ether for roughly five years but return with a wrath most unholy. Clearly while they were away some transformation took place, allowing these guys to further hone their edge and come back ready to remove faces with surgical precision. Despite the miasmic nature, their musical chaos, the drums, bass and shredding guitars just bring it all together through songs like “Offering Revulsion” and “Exalted Offal”. At first glance it may appear to be calamity, as Father Befouled moves through the various playing styles that influence them, but underneath there is purpose and cohesiveness.  Even with the mixing of genres, there is barely a hiccup. With exception of the album’s title and final track “Desolate Gods”; the other tracks on Desolate Gods are performed with the mastery and balance of a rabid dog walking a tightrope, with no net….this track not so much. But when you factor in that the other tracks are so well done this slight hiccup can be overlooked, while lacking the hellish finesse of the others, it is still all in all a pretty damn good track.

Desolate Gods is straightforwardly heavy and devoid of any pretense of being anything other than straight up, legit sludgy death metal.  When it’s all said and done Desolate Gods is what fans expect (and want) from death metal artists and a band rocking the name Father Befouled, and that is definitely a good thing.   Make sure to grab your copy of Desolate Gods on June 23rd!

1. Exsurge Domine (Intro)
2. Offering Revulsion
3. Mortal Awakening
4. Exalted Offal
5. Ungodly Rest
6. Divine Parallels
7. Vestigial Remains of… (Instrumental)
8. Desolate Gods

Justin Stubbs – Vocals/Guitar
Derrik Goulding – Guitar
Drums – Wayne Sarantopoulos
Bass – Rhys Spencer

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Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on 5/13/2017
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