FACING FIRE – FACING FIRE (Pavement Entertainment)

Facing Fire is a hard rock band from Southern Ohio. Collectively, the members have been in multiple bands and played countless shows.  They officially formed as Facing Fire in late 2016 when vocalist Scott Artis, guitarist Tony Phillips, and bass player Josh Quillen began writing material together.  The band rounded out their lineup by adding Samuel Gibson on drums and began crafting their live show.  After receiving several offers from various labels, the band finally settled on a deal with Pavement Entertainment in July 2017.  After all of that they released their self-titled EP on February 16, 2018 courtesy of Pavement Entertainment.

Facing Fire kicks off with “Dying Inside” which begins with some electronic sound effects that sound similar to liquid bubbling up combined with a cool guitar riff by Phillips.  The beat to this particular track is extremely catchy, it is clear why this was their first single.  Artis‘ vocals are very clean during the verses, but during the chorus there is a bit of raspiness to his tone.  All of this combined gives the song a bit of grit and makes it feel heavier.  “Filthy Life” is very reminiscent of Three Days Grace’sHome” combined with Drowning Pool’s  “Sinner“.  It is a cool track, but the similarities to “Home” are unmistakable during the chorus, to the point I found myself singing those vocals in place of the ones that belong.  Which isn’t that big of a deal, “Home” is a really good song, it is just not that original so it is a bit of a downer  “Overcome” on the other hand is quite original.  This song has the same vocal grittiness that I mentioned in “Dying Inside” but this time it is throughout the track.  This is actually my favorite out of four; it has some heavier elements but also I think it showcases each of the member’s abilities and sets them apart from the rest of the ‘radio rock’ pack.  Facing Fire should release more like this track.  The final song on Facing Fire is “Fake” which has a similar formula to “Dying Inside“, clean verses and dirty chorus.  Gibson’s lays down some pretty sick beats on this one, supported by Quillen on bass.  “Fake” is a respectable choice to close out the EP because it fits the ‘formula‘ it appears the guys are going for.

Facing Fire is a four track EP of hard hitting, radio friendly hard rock and roll that will appeal to fans of bands such as Three Days Grace, Theory of a Deadman, and Shinedown.  The only real gripe I have with this EP is that it seems very ‘typical‘, as though the guys sat down and said, ‘What has worked for every rock band on the radio?‘ and then they did exactly that.  When they leave the ‘radio safe space‘, it is quite special and really damn good.  So my hope is that on a full length release there would be more Facing Fire (the band) and less typical dude wearing an Affliction shirt (no offense) band (i.e. formulated radio rock).  Because I see the potential and I understand wanting to make it before doing your own thing, I am going to be a bit more forgiving.  Bloodrock Rating:  4.0 out of 5.0 axes

1. Dying Inside
2. Filthy Life
3. Overcome
4. Fake

Scott Artis – vocals
Tony Phillips – guitar
Josh Quillen – bass
Samuel Gibson – drums

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Written by April Baggins for Bloodrock Media on February 26, 2018