Let’s be real, no one who’s familiar with the names Matt Harvey (Exhumed) or Matt Olivo (Repulsion) wonders if when they hear that a new project is coming from either, about the quality. If you’re even vaguely familiar with bands like Exhumed, then you know that’s pretty much a given. But when you hear that these guys are working on something together and adding other seasoned vets like Danny Walker (Intronaut/Exhumed) and Menno Verbaten (Lightning Swords of Death) to the roster as well? The real question is just how sick is their EP debut exactly? The answer, sick as fuck fam.

The most surprising thing about this album for me was despite the unrelenting pulse pounding grindcore meets crust punk sound to it, it’s ridiculously charismatic. With thrash tunes titled Total Human Genocide” and “Funeral Bells,” you’d expect them to be all doom and gloom. Make no mistake, they in no way go light on badassery, but they also have an undeniable groove despite the speed and ferocity of them. Yet somehow even with the brevity of the songs (only a few clocking in over two minutes) they still manage to make full catchy tracks that hit hard as hell without sounding cluttered. One song in particular, “Mask of Fear,” manages to get all that done in about a minute and will have you craving a raging pit to throwdown in.

Expulsion have crafted a ridiculously replay worthy EP and get the job done in about 14 minutes. It’s the perfect length for a quick pick me up album to get you fired up for any occasion, whether you’re about to hit the bar with the boys, clock into a long ass day at work or even just jamming out at the crib. Nightmare Future is a true testament of living up to your reputation and then some. These guys could have half assed it and still made a pretty decent grind album but instead of relying on their own hype to sell records they remind you just why that hype exists in the first place.

1. Total Human Genocide
2. Altar Of Slaughter
3. Mask Of Fear
4. Nightmare Future
5. Funeral Bells
6. Compulsions
7. Comatose


Matt Harvey – Vocals
Matt Olivo – Guitar
Danny Walker – Drums
Menno Verbaten – Bass

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Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on July 13, 2017