Colorado born Excommunion is to release their newest album, Thronosis on May 12; Fifteen long years after their debut release, Superion.
Thronosis seems to manifest itself into an unfathomable leviathan crushing everything in its path; this abyssal release will leave you feeling suffocated. Excommunion uses death metal and black metal influences; each track compliments the next. The instrumental tracks to each song are brutal, but also have enough of an exoskeleton to maintain a consistent groove. As a whole, Thronosis is guaranteed to pull you in with its hellish grasp.
Listen to the track Nemesis” here:
Christbutcher / Vocals
Kyle Spanswick / Guitars, Bass, Lyrics
Gordon Koch / Drums
  1. Twilight of Eschaton
  2. Nemesis
  3. World Crucifier
  4. Blessed is the Epoch of Darkness
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Written by J.B. McCleskey for Bloodrock Media on April 11, 2017
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