Evan Hulbert

Since the dawn of time man has communicated in one global language… Music.

And in 1982 man received me, and obnoxious mix of metal, man, and monster.

My first step into the music scene was as a teenager, promoting for local venues and being a stage tech for many bands. Eventually that led to a world of guttural growls, and brain melting bpm’s, learning to sing for a band and then later to drum. As an adult I’ve worked in and for venues spanning Colorado, California, Georgia, and Idaho on all different aspects. Being so fortunate to be raised around musicians (and the scene it provides) gave me the most amazing opportunities I could Imagine. And left me with 3 very valuable traits to contribute to this planet.

The ability to create.

The ability to understand.

And the ability to relate.

First thing in the morning I wake up to see what soul crushing metal sits around the corner to be found, before coffee, before the morning cigarette, there is the morning metal. Light jazz in the evening? Probably not on my play list, a love song about dismemberment and crucifixion, now that’s more my speed.

Occasionally the music does stray from Death Metal, some times we need Extreme Metal, Gore Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, and even good old Heavy Metal (there might be some other stuff but that’s for another day)?

Keep it dark, keep it fast, and keep it heavy \m/

Evan’s favorite bands include SkeletonWitch, GoatWhore, and Cavalera Conspiracy