Written by Ken Bowden on September 20, 2016 for Bloodrock Media
Doing an album review is usually a fairly smooth process; hit play, listen to a few tracks, and type up a rough draft. Eva Under Fire’s debut album Anchors didn’t go quite so smoothly, not for bad reasons. After hitting play, Amanda Lyberg’s vocals took me on a journey, an amazing journey. Alluring and powerful, a modern day siren, hypnotizing sailors happily to their doom, kind of journey. I listened to the entire album and hadn’t written a word. Track after track, I just sat in awe of how amazing her voice is, not to mention the band is not too shabby either.
Far too often mediocre bands with a sexy singer get a lot of hype, because sex sells in music, but Eva Under Fire, they don’t need sex….they have Amanda and raw fucking talent. Anchors, from start to finish is pure money. ‘Betrayer’ is definitely worthy of radio play and should be a breakout hit for the group but listeners will be hard pressed to find a single track that doesn’t have them completely entranced.
Eva Under Fire has the right blend of catch writing, biting lyrics, and mesmerizing vocals. Anchors is easily one of the hottest albums to come out of the Detroit rock scene this year. Definitely check it out!