Essential End – Deadwood

Since 2014 east coast natives
Essential End have been sharing the stage with the likes of Buckcherry, Saving
Abel, and Texas Hippie Coalition.  On
August 26th they released their new EP, Deadwood, courtesy of Pavement
Entertainment.  Made up of a father-son
team and three of their best friends, Essential End, has covered a lot of
ground in a very short time.  The name Essential
End implies death, everyone’s essential end, but is that what the band intends
to convey or does it imply that enough is enough, that the negativity has to
stop and it is time for positivity to reign supreme?  Deadwood may provide some insight
into the name and mindset of Essential End.
Fans of Ax7, Stone Sour, and
Mastodon will eat Deadwood’s intensity up. 
The title track, “Essential End” begins soft and measured, but quickly
transitions to heavy, killer riffs and a primitive, brutal scream…basically
knocking you on your ass (in the best way possible).  “Wasted Time” is another other heavy hitter,
while “Sacrifice” is emotional and filled with passion.
While Deadwood is short, four
tracks, those tracks are deliberate and purposefully arranged to draw the
listener in and keep them interested.   Well rounded, deliberate, and intense Deadwood
is enticing and just enough to keep listeners craving more.   
Essential End
Wasted Time
Vocals- Tad Davis
Guitar- Scott Hearn
Drums- Brady Hearn
Guitar-Connor Green
Bass- Caleb Staner
Written by Ken Bowden for Bloodrock Media