Epica has been in cycle of recording and touring for 15 years now without much downtime in between. It shows with their live show. On September 20th, 2017 in Dallas, TX it was evident, the number of live shows they do. They were dead on from the opening notes until the last “good night”. At no point in the night was there a note that was off. The word flawless shouldn’t be used lightly, and it’s not being done so now. This performance was flawless. The best part is that they have so much fun doing it, and it’s patently

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Seeing Lacuna Coil live should be a requirement of any rock or metal fan. It’s a fun and as well as being an incredible show.  They’ve integrated new personnel without issue. It seems like Diego Cavallotti and Ryan Blake Folden have always been with them just by listening. They played an exceptionally long live set as a main support band with twelve songs. Even with some problems with technology, they pulled through and delivered like the seasoned professionals they are.

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Insomnium is a band that will garner more and more attention as they continue tour and make more new music. They had an opening set due to Elantris unfortunately having to cancel due to an injury within the band. Insomnium opened the show brilliantly. They have a unique sound that translates very well to the live setting. Keep an eye on these guys, they’ll gather a larger and larger following.

Check out each of the bands photo galleries below:
Lacuna Coil