Canadian trio, Epi-Demic, is back with a vengeance. Following up their 2015 collaboration with fellow Canadian rockers Solanum, and their 2011 album Madess, Epi-Demic’s new album Malformed Conscience will not leave metal lovers with much to be desired. If you’re a fan of crossovers, you’ll want to give Malformed Conscience a listen.

With a combination of chilling bass and guitar riffs and haunting lyrics of a conscience in turmoil, and rhythmic drum combos, Malformed Conscience starts to move you from the first chord. There is so much energy and a kind of groove in the tracks that you’ll be hard pressed not to at least nod your head with the beat. Starting with the first track “Rotting in Plain Sight”, you’re just about lured to get up and dance, and then the breakdowns begin, so your mood changes and you are ready to jump in the circle pit.

The heavy doesn’t stop there – it just keeps building. “Ruthless Ambition” is another track that will make you want to get up move – combining dirty beats with a Misfits-esque sound, this is one track you’ll want to play over and over. If you’re into bass, the track “Famine” is for you – showing off his talents, Kyle slays it in this one. And if you’re into drums, well, “Famine” is for you too – Aaron dominates the beat. Epi-Demic starts to incorporate some collaborative vocals in the track “Sons of Dogs”, bringing more of a dynamic to their sound. “Breaking Your Mind” brings a Tool/Dream Theater-esque type of beat into the mix, further showing the range of this talented trio.

Malformed Conscience is not simply a project which crosses over multiple genres, it crosses over with style and finesse. Malformed Conscience will not only inspire serious neck slinging, hair cyclones, and head banging, but will also trigger you to put on your dancing shoes in a span of mere moments. It is quite possible that you will want to break things, while shoulder shimmying, and quite honestly it doesn’t get more metal than that!

  1. Rotting in Plain Sight
  2. Dark Thoughts
  3. Stewing in Misery
  4. Ruthless Ambition
  5. Losing Time
  6. Famine
  7. Hatred
  8. Sons of Dogs
  9. Breaking Your Mind
  10. Punishment
  11. Mortal Kind


Adam – Guitar/Vocals
Kyle – Bass
Aaron – Drums
Written by Har-Lena Quinn on March 27, 2017 for Bloodrock Media
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