Nashville’s finest technical black/death outfit Enfold Darkness are back! With Adversary Omnipotent on the horizon, the band partnered with Toilet Ov Hell today to premiere “Terror of a Perilous Quest”. The first single to be released from Adversary Omnipotent thusfar, “Terror of a Perilous Quest” goes straight for the jugular and never relents. The album is set for release on Friday, July 14th through The Artisan Era.

Says Toilet Ov Hell regarding today’s song premiere:

“…Enfold Darkness sound like a band renewed, bringing a whole new sense of urgency and energy to the field. “Terror of a Perilous Quest” still carries all the signature marks of their first album, from the touches of black metal to the infectious hooks, but reflects years of refinement to their sound. A set of counterpoint melodies are the driving force of the song, anchored together by big, wicked chords where the band comes together in unison.”

You can check out “Terror of a Perilous Quest” HERE

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