After regrouping to mourn the loss of Jeff Windisch (founding member/guitar), Chicago’s hometown heroes of Emperors and Elephants have come back refreshed, revived, and strong as ever. Their second album, Moth, makes it’s debut on March 17th, courtesy of Pavement Entertainment. It’s release is quite the welcome back for fans. As expected from Emperors and Elephants, Moth is brimming with gritty vocals, animalistic drumming, prominent bass, and of course killer guitar riffs.

With 12 solid tracks of the band’s signature heavy sound, Moth will satisfy the palate for old and new fans alike. Some stand out tracks include “Porcelain Kiss”, “Give Away the Sun” and the album’s phenomenal closing track “Wicked Game” a powerful track that sounds like it was made for a Tarantino film.

Their first video from Moth, “Porcelain Kiss”, was released on March 1st on YouTube and can be seen here:


For those concerned that the addition of new members may have changed Emperors and Elephants sound, you can sleep easy knowing that everything is well and good with the band.  The band has maintained their awesome blend of killer riffs, dope drums, and Alice in Chains like vocals, despite the addition of a new guitarist. Moth proves that even devastating tragedy can be turned to triumph and music is the best therapy of all. Moth and Emperors and Elephants (for that matter) are a must listen for fans of Godsmack, Avenged Sevenfold, and Mushroomhead.

Check out the band here:


Moth is available by pre-order in a special album bundle package here

01. Hidden
02. Not Today
03. Porcelain Kiss
04. Cracks in the Wall
05. Poison
06. Chicago
07. Give away the Sun
08. Jester
09. Trigger
10. Whisper in the Storm
11. Hold You Back
12. Wicked Game
Jesse Andrews: Vocals
Jason Meudt: Drums
Ron “Stoppable” Vanders: Bass
Jeff Windisch: Guitar
Anthony Modica: Guitar
Written by Ken Bowden of Bloodrock Media on March 5, 2017
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