Folk black metal band Dzö-Nga recently released their newest album The Sachem’s Tale on July 17th, courtesy of Avantgarde Music. Based on Algonquin folklore, this album depicts a trip up the Himalayan mountains in an otherworldly manner.

This album caught my attention very quickly due to its classical orchestral composition. This isn’t so much a black metal album as it is a classical folk story. The moments where the black metal comes through are decent, but this band’s songwriting ability really shines in their compositions. Because of this, my favorite song was “Halle Ravine,” with a full instrumental of just an orchestral composition. Having been a band nerd in high school, I really enjoyed this album in a much different way than I usually enjoy metal albums.

Dzö-Nga are storytellers – so if you enjoy an album that’s going to take you on a journey via words and sounds, you’ll want to give this a listen. As I said before, the heavy parts of this album are decent, but the storytelling and songwriting on this work really make it come together. 4 out of 5 axes.

Don’t forget to check this album out now!

FFO: Allagoch, Saor, Windir

Cryvas – Vocals, Instrumental
Grushenkas Ødegard – Vocals

01 Midewiwin Lodge
02 To the Great Salt Water
03 The Wolves Fell Quiet
04 Halle Ravine
05 Against the Northern Wind
06 A Seventh Age of Fire
07 The Witching Meadow

Check out Dzö-Nga here:


Written by Ethan Grason for Bloodrock Media on August 10, 2017