Dreamshift is a solo artist from hailing from Bavaria, Germany.  His album Seconds was picked up by STF-Records and will be released physically and digitally on October 6, 2017.

The first thing I noticed about the album, Seconds, was the album artwork. It is very beautifully done with an abstract style to what is depicted. I feel this conveys directly what the title of the album portrays.

The first song, Flowers, opens with a very major sounding clean guitar part, showing classical roots early on in the album. The very atmospheric vocal part breaks in with such an energy, alongside the melody from the intro, that it rounds the peacefulness with a sense of chaos. Later in the song, it goes into a play off of dissonance to major feel that is a great precursor to the rest of the album. There is a build of pressure to the ending blast beat of the song; a glorious flourish ending.

Again, the song Growing Up, begins with a very melodic introduction. This, to me, is very symbolic of what we all experience growing up. We think it is all flowers and happiness, referring back to the first song. As the blast beats and vocals are conveying a very dark sound, the guitars pick up a very melodic side showing both sides at once; dark and light. Half way through the song, they reach an apex of both pointing to the same side of darkness. The bass comes in with a very nice undertone as a solo of almost drony nature comes to hit you in the face. Dreamshift seems to bring this back together with an outro of melodic nature, regressing back to the intro.

Everything is a track with its own dynamic. It is directly addressing the fact that we are all the same. We can only change what we can change. Powerful words coming from the vocal spectrum

Remember opens back into the main theme of the album; a steady groove along side the ambient blackened vocals. The album seems to hit a deeper state of darkness here. The guitars seem to diminish the chords of the verses purely to round them. The middle of the song hits a build of pressure not yet explored in the album. The slow tremolos build to a stopping section. This is picked back up from the guitarists that just makes you bob your head up and down. The outro is ghastly to say the least.

From Circles to the end of the album, Just Like Rain, there is a sense of theme that really envelopes with the last four songs. It is a climax of what is presented in the first four songs. They round off the album well with these last four tracks. It brings you closer to the main idea of “Atmospheric Black Metal”. I found myself lost in the final stanzas of Just Like Rain and I think you will as well.  Pick up Seconds on October 6th!

Bloodrock Rating: 4 out of 5 axes.

Growing Up
Dark Blue
Bright Eyes
Just Like Rain

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Written by MichaelPoteate for Bloodrock Media on September 26, 2017