Swedish band DRAP is bringing back that classic skulldrug sound reminiscent of bands such as Six Feet Under or Napalm Death but with their own unique approach. While the vibe may be familiar, each song on Rotten Till Allt Ont is entirely it’s own. Intense groove, serious breakdowns, and havoc filled drums ready to rip your face off, this album is serving up metal punishment and serving it piping hot. Rotten Till Allt Ont is 8 tracks that stab you in the face from go and never let’s up.

Even DRAP ‘s instrumental track “Eremit” is straight up balls to the wall.   In defiance of the norm, even the closer track “Nederlag” is rabies level ferocious. If you were looking for an easy listening album then you clearly missed a left turn in Albuquerque when you came across this monstrosity. Rotten Till Allt Ont combines unbridled rage with chaotic melody, the end result being an album you just full on get sucked into. The blast beat laden opener “Ner pa Kna” alone shows their ability to harness pure fury into something that stabs its way inside your soul and keeps you wanting more. With the impeccably structured vocals on top of furious riffs and irrefutable slick drumming, song by song DRAP drags you deeper into the abyss.

DRAP blends thrash/hardcore punk/grind styles in a flat out solid album from start to finish with Rotten Till Allt Ont. Each track showcasing the versatility of the band as quality metal musicians and taking no prisoners while doing so. Their intensity is boundless and when paired with a clear passion for great “chainsaw down your throat” intense tracks just creates something that cannot be denied.

Joachim Lyngfelt – vocals
Jesper Ekstål – rhythm guitar
Jimmy Mattsson – lead guitar
Erik Norbeck – bass
Emil Leijon – drums

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Bloodrock Rating:  4.0 out of 5.0 axes

Written by Ken Kaizer for Bloodrock Media on June 20, 2017


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