It would seem that Dragonforce is not immune to tour pranks.

Playing to a packed crowd at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, FL, vocalist Marc Hudson was surprised with an end-of-tour prank by tour mates Once Human on Saturday,  just as the band was about to go into their well received cover of “Ring Of Fire” by Johnny Cash.

Photo by Max Karon

As the song was starting, members of Once Human stormed the stage with Hudson’s spare wireless mic, which had been taped to a double ended sex toy and took the one Marc was using. As Dragonforce played the song, their tour mates stood on stage, watching and laughing. Hudson took in stride, and kept singing.

Once Human‘s guitarist, Max Karon, told Bloodrock Media, “I cleared it with their tour manager, and made sure that their backup mic was set to the same frequency as the main mic. All I had to do was switch mics with Marc at the right moment.” Karon had used the sex toy as a prop during the band’s rendition of Machinehead’s “Davidian”. “At some point… I thought that taping the dong to the mic would be a perfect last day of tour prank. In other words, two birds, one dick.”

Once Human, which features former Ill Niño/Machinehead guitarist Logan Mader, shot video of the prank, and posted it to the band’s Facebook page.

This comes on the heels of an interview Bloodrock did with Herman Li on July 17th, in which Li noted “we don’t do many pranks on people, to be honest. Not these days anyway. Everyone likes to do their own thing and we try to respect their own space,” though he did add a story of a tour with SABATON, where they pulled a prank. “We knew they were going to do it, so we got the crew to tie one of the guys up naked and left him on stage while we played for, like, ten minutes.”

A video of the prank be viewed via THIS LINK.

Written by Hobbes Caltous for Bloodrock Media July 30, 2017.