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After dropping music videos for their summer-jam reggae/hard rock hybrid track “Ride The Night” and the slasher film-inspired “Hayes And Webster” (NSFW), Oakland, CA punk/hard rock outfit DOPESICK are back with their catchiest offering yet. The band just dropped their brand new music video for “Release Me”, featuring none other than Ill Niño frontman Cristian Machado on vocals. Check out the new music video, directed by Matt Zane (Wayne StaticJohn 5Orgy), now via
Guest vocalist Cristian Machado describes the Hollywood rooftop photo shoot, as well as the demise of several pieces of equipment during the process: “I had a great time making the video for “Release Me”. Somehow, we wound up on a Hollywood rooftop with Matt Zane, and insanity followed shortly after. The backdrop was the beautiful California night sky and a dimly lit Los Angeles skyline. I will say that musical instruments were definitely hurt during the making of this video and human beings are definitely to blame. I’ve never seen a Gibson Les Paul thrown off a rooftop, surely it instigated the destruction of several microphone stands on my part. Check out the video and keep an eye out for the flying Les Paul that nearly decapitated me. All for the love of rock!”
DOPESICK mastermind Adam Albright adds: “This song and video show a different musical side of DOPESICK. After we release each video, Matt Zane and I always want to go bigger and better! We shot the “Release Me” video on a roof top in LA at night, so it came out looking totally sick. We almost took Cristian out with a Les Paul and lost one off the roof! Cristian was breakin’ stuff, sh*t was flying around… there was a rap video being shot downstairs at the same time and they kept asking what all the banging around was about! HA! A Les Paul flying off a ledge, three stories up and almost into their shoot didn’t help! I’m really excited for people to see this one!”
“Release Me” can be found on DOPESICK‘s upcoming EP, The Love and Terror Cult, hitting stores on April 28, 2017 via EMP Label Group (founded by Megadeth bassist David Ellefson)/AMPED and recorded with Patrick Burkholder at Pawnshop Studio in Van Nuys, CA. Pre-orders for The Love and Terror Cult are available now via iTunes. The EP is also being released in Europe via SPV.

The Love and Terror Cult tracklisting:
1) Aug 1969
2) Ride the Night
3) Fruitvale
4) Release Me
5) Hayes And Webster
Albright says about The Love and Terror Cult“I wrote and recorded this EP after I moved to Hollywood. It felt good to be in an environment that boosted my creativity. I’m very happy about this EP – there’s Reggae stuff, which is a style people have never heard from me, as well as some electronic, acoustic and instrumental tracks. It’s all over the place!
This is my first actual record under the DOPESICK name, so I feel like I’ve got a lot to prove! I’m not going to just write one style of music that keeps me in a box. I’m going to write and play what I want! I don’t care what’s popular or who’s in what band now. I just want to play music and have fun, and hopefully people like it and are down for what I’m doing!”
After being released from prison and joining a brief Skinlab reunion, Adam Albright decided to launch the first incarnation of DOPESICK (a term he learned from a cellmate in prison). The band cut their teeth for several years by gigging relentlessly in the Bay Area and releasing an EP in 2002, Vendetta, produced by Skinlab‘s Scott Sargeant. After some personal conflicts with other members and more time off for Albright while playing, touring and writing with Sebastian Bach‘s solo project (Albright penned the title track for his 2007 album Angel Down), DOPESICK seemed to be on hold indefinitely. Fast forward to last year, when Albright decided to bring the project back to life.